In the internal regulations of your company, write the beginning and the end of the day. Familiarize all employees with a document under the painting. Late employee show article 21 of the labour code, which establishes his responsibility to comply with work rules.
If your employee still continued to disturb your work schedule, fix it the delay in the Sheet of accounting of working time, and then create a disciplinary Commission and draw up an act about being late. Require latecomers employee an explanation in writing (which he must submit no later than two business days).
Get an explanation and read it. If the cause of delay is serious, the explanation must be accompanied by proof (e.g. certificate of illness from the hospital, a certificate of the accident from traffic police). If the reason is frivolous, or explanation within two days you have not received, constitutes an act of summary punishment application to your employee. If this is the first recorded violation of the employee - use a written comment, and when it is already a reprimand.
Now to wait until the last delay and fire the employee. To do this, take the order on the application to the employee of the disciplinary sanction of dismissal (i.e. the order on application of disciplinary measures and the dismissal order). Familiarize your staff with these orders under the signature or record about the impossibility or refusal in acquaintance.
The reasons for the termination of the employment contract in the workbook, specify by part 5 of article 81 TK the Russian Federation's repeated failure by employee without good reason, job duties if it has disciplinary punishment. The order of dismissal attach photocopies issued to the employee comments and reprimands (the original save in case of litigation).
Then note the changes to the personal card, and staffing. On the day of dismissal, grant the employee the work book.