Advice 1: How to determine the length of the sleeve

Sleeve length is one of the main standards for creating a basic pattern dresses or blouses. This measure is necessary and in that case, if you are going to buy clothes, but to try it is not possible. It is very important when purchasing a gift shirt or sweater.
How to determine the length of the sleeve
You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a pen or pencil;
  • - thick thread;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • assistant.
Some measurements are easier to remove together. The one measured in the presence of an assistant may take the position that gives the possibility to measure certain parts of this figure most accurately. Such standards include the length of the sleeves. Without an assistant it can be removed only approximately.
Stand up straight and freely. Do not strain your back and shoulders and not try to stay the way you are not peculiar. You can have a normal, stooped, or parageusia figure, and this should be considered when building patterns. But the process of measuring the type of shape not affected in any way Slightly bend your arm at the elbow, move forearm from the trunk to the side and slightly extend your arm forward.
Ask your assistant to take the measuring tape and attach it to the zero mark to the end of your shoulder. This point is where it usually ends with a shoulder seam that intersects the middle of the top part of the sleeve. If the assistant is not particularly skilled in the tailoring business, hold the beginning of the cm at the desired point with the other hand. Next, the measuring tape you need to lay the forearm across the outer part of the elbow to the wrist. At the elbow it is better to hold. Look at what the mark of the tape is level with your wrist. This will be the length of the sleeve for the basic pattern. It can vary depending on style. It is better to keep the base curve, and for each model to trace it on paper and mark the desired length of the sleeve — to the elbow, ¾ or short.
You can measure the length of the sleeves and without an assistant. Measurements in this case it is better to wearing long sleeves. You potrebuetsya a couple of tailor's pins and the mirror. Align the zero mark with the end of your shoulder and pin at this point, centimeter clothing tailor's pin. Exactly the same as in the first case, guide the tape along the forearm through the elbow. In the area of the elbow you will wear a one inch pin. Then route it to the wrist, make a mark at the point of junction of the wrist with the brush and see what happened.
If centimeter-sided, be careful. Your second level must be on the same side as zero.

The cm must lie on the arm freely without much tension. But it should not SAG.
Useful advice
If the tape measure is not at hand, use a string and ruler. Tie a thread knot — it will indicate zero. Then do the same as with cm. On the wrist, cut the thread or make another knot. Measure distance between marks normal line. This can not be done, — such a measure will fit in your pocket and you can take it with you to the store.

The sleeve length can be measured and existing clothes. Polite a blouse or shirt on a horizontal surface. Straighten the sleeve. Apply the zero mark of centimeter by the end of the shoulder seam and measure from this point to the bottom seam.

Advice 2: How to roll up shirt sleeves

Shirt – a versatile business clothes that goes well with almost everything. The shirt can be worn without a tie and vest, you will still look elegant and professional. Shirt – a feminine garment, like a skirt, with which it combines perfectly. For more informal meetings shirt you can easily wear with jeans or shorts. Shirt can change your look in an instant when you roll up her sleeve. As you roll up your them, will depend on your image.
How to roll up shirt sleeves
Four turns from the cuff.

The most common way to roll shirt sleeve. Once you four times wrap sleeve, it will be at the level of the elbow. Sleeves should be slightly pushed up above the elbow to give the kind of light summer shirts.
Three turns from the cuff.

This method of rolling is used to create length sleeves in three quarters. To do this, wrap the cuffs of the sleeves around them for three turns. Sleeve length three quarters will give a neat, sporty appearance and will look attractive when paired with jeans.
Shifted sleeve.

Some prefer to roll up the sleeves, leaving the cuffs at the bottom. It is necessary to move the sleeve above the elbow, so it does not slid down. This method is impractical, since the sleeve does not look quite neat and useful.
Rolling the cuff towards the inside.

So as not to expose the inner seams of the shirt, roll sleeve cuffs inside. At the same time you hide the sleeve as if to himself, turning his cuff down three or four times, creating the effect of short sleeves without seams.
One turn of the cuff unbuttoned button.

Just remove the cuffs unbuttoned not buttoning them, it will give the bottom of the sleeves, the effect of the wings. In combination with unbuttoned collar this method design of the sleeves looks fashionable.
One turn of the cuff with buttoned cuffs.

Method to use if you want to shorten the sleeve, leaving the cuff in sight. Undo the cuffs, wrap it one turn and fasten neatly, spreading the folds of the shirt underneath. This is a simple and effective way to shorten the sleeve without any effort.
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