You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a pen or pencil;
  • - thick thread;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • assistant.
Some measurements are easier to remove together. The one measured in the presence of an assistant may take the position that gives the possibility to measure certain parts of this figure most accurately. Such standards include the length of the sleeves. Without an assistant it can be removed only approximately.
Stand up straight and freely. Do not strain your back and shoulders and not try to stay the way you are not peculiar. You can have a normal, stooped, or parageusia figure, and this should be considered when building patterns. But the process of measuring the type of shape not affected in any way Slightly bend your arm at the elbow, move forearm from the trunk to the side and slightly extend your arm forward.
Ask your assistant to take the measuring tape and attach it to the zero mark to the end of your shoulder. This point is where it usually ends with a shoulder seam that intersects the middle of the top part of the sleeve. If the assistant is not particularly skilled in the tailoring business, hold the beginning of the cm at the desired point with the other hand. Next, the measuring tape you need to lay the forearm across the outer part of the elbow to the wrist. At the elbow it is better to hold. Look at what the mark of the tape is level with your wrist. This will be the length of the sleeve for the basic pattern. It can vary depending on style. It is better to keep the base curve, and for each model to trace it on paper and mark the desired length of the sleeve — to the elbow, ¾ or short.
You can measure the length of the sleeves and without an assistant. Measurements in this case it is better to wearing long sleeves. You potrebuetsya a couple of tailor's pins and the mirror. Align the zero mark with the end of your shoulder and pin at this point, centimeter clothing tailor's pin. Exactly the same as in the first case, guide the tape along the forearm through the elbow. In the area of the elbow you will wear a one inch pin. Then route it to the wrist, make a mark at the point of junction of the wrist with the brush and see what happened.