To measure the length of the legs exactly right, ask someone close to help you. Stand straight, evenly distributing the body weight on both legs. Try to keep your back straight. Of course, the measurement result of the body position of special influence will not render, but a couple of inches maybe "steal".
Have your assistant using a measuring tape, measure the length of the legs. According to the rules, the length of the legs measured from the projecting tubercle of the femur opposite the hip joint to the heel vertically. For objectivity of the result, you can measure the length of both legs.
Women usually like to compare ourselves with different ideals of beauty. Then compare the measurements with information about the ratio of height and leg length:

• With the growth 161-167 cm perfect leg length is 84 to 89 cm;

• With the growth 168-174 cm perfect length - 90-94 cm;

• With the growth of 175-180 cm the perfect length - 95-100 cm
Thus, the right is the figure at which the length of a woman's legs slightly more than half of the growth. For men the proportions are different. Western scientists say that the ideal length of a man's feet should match the body length, measured from the crotch to the neck, in a ratio of 1:1.
Hope you meet the perfect performance. But even if it is not, the reason to be upset there is absolutely no, because all these measures people come up with and true natural beauty is timeless.