Advice 1: How to determine the length of the belt

Accessories say a lot about a person. Such things as watches, shoes, belt, are subject to status. Properly selected, including the length, the belt for trousers can emphasize the individuality and sense of good taste of its owner, and completely spoil the impression from the appearance.
How to determine the length of the belt
You will need
  • - cm tape,
  • - table of sizes of pants.
Measure the waist of the person that will bought a belt, or the length of the waistband of trousers/skirts with which to wear the belt. Add at least ten inches to the figure and choose the required length of the belt. Thus it is better to choose this accessory with the length slightly greater than smaller, as the long strap can be shortened. To do this, remove the screw from the buckle, cut off the excess, punch a new hole and screw a screw into this new hole.
Choose the belt length by size, corresponding to standard clothing sizes in that case, if you measure the waist of the future owner of the belt is not possible.
Keep in mind when selecting such a accessory like a belt that must be fastened to it on the middle hole, so the length should be appropriate. After all, with a short belt will have to punch additional holes that will adversely affect the appearance and strength of the belt, as well as the General impression of the costume wearer.
Take into account the features of the belt are going to buy. So, for example, belts made in the USA does not have leather belt loops (loop), which usually runs the tail belt. Therefore, the length of this products should be choose considering the fact that the length of this accessory was sufficient to push the end of the belt in the belt loops of the Trouser waistband.
When buying a belt for jeans is worth considering that the strap length should be one-two sizes larger than the size of wearable jeans. So, if Jean pants size W36, the strap must be purchased with a length of 38 or 40 inches. The distance between the holes is usually one inch (25 mm).

Advice 2: How to pick up a belt to the pants

Belt for trousers is a very important accessory for any man's wardrobe, so his choice should be taken seriously. There are several simple rules, following which you will always look stylish and respectable.
How to pick up a belt to the pants

The types of belts

In the wardrobe of the modern man should have a few belts on all occasions.

Leather classic belt should be made from natural material of the highest quality. To the touch to be soft and have rounded lines, thanks to a special gasket. However, on the materials for gasket manufacturers often scrimp and put them in the place of genuine leather, elastic cardboard. This belt, unfortunately, very short-lived.

Belt made of quality leather, does not leave creases. It is advisable to purchase the belt which is stitched around the perimeter. Line, itself, should be perfect. Fused, the product will sooner or later have to flake.

Now many famous brands produce single-layer leather belts that are more practical than the two-layer gasket.

When buying a leather belt should be good to pull it to the ends. It should not stretch more than 1.5 – 2 see If he never stretches it to wear it will be very uncomfortable and tight.

The classic leather strap has a width of 4 or 5 cm Buckle it is made of plain material of good quality, which is in the process of socks is not erased and does not tarnish.

Strap – casual wear usually with jeans. It can be made of various materials: cloth, rubber, leather, artificial polymers. The buckle can be either the most unimaginable, shape and size. The width of the strap casual from 2-6 cm This belt cannot be worn with a strict business suit.

Universal straps fit trousers and jeans. Their width is about 3.5 cm

How to choose the belt color and style of the

The main rule that must be observed when choosing the color of the belt: it must harmonize with the shoes. Brown shoes and black belt cannot be worn.

A business suit is most suitable classic or a universal belt.

Canvas belt will look great with trousers made of corduroy, but it is not recommended to wear with a business suit.

Braided straps will look perfectly with clothes for leisure. However, you must ensure that the rough texture of the strap does not weigh down the fabric from which sewed the pants.

The correct belt must be buckled on the third hole. It is unacceptable to pierce in the finished product extra holes. If the belt is too long, it must shorten to normal length. No need to do this on their own – the result will not look aesthetically pleasing.

In a locked position the seat belt should be threaded through the first belt loops on the pants.

All accessories on the belt should be made of high quality materials.

The belt must be two loops. One is fixed near the buckle, and the second – on distance of the palm from the buckle.

Advice 3: How to choose a belt for jeans

Jeans have long been in Vogue. If earlier, the garment was a thing exclusively for work, jeans have conquered the fashion catwalks. Rarely meet a person who does not have in the wardrobe of jeans. And if they are, then there is a stylish accessory that complements the image.
How to choose a belt for jeans
Modern and brand new look jeans can be given by means of a belt. Men's jeans are hard to imagine without this accessory, not to mention female. It is clear that belt for women will differ from the belt of the strong half of humanity in appearance.
To create a unique style, you need to know how to choose belts and belt buckles. As of today pay great attention to aesthetics in the creation of these accessories, then to question their choice should be approached responsibly.
The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a belt, it can be the colors. Here it is necessary to consider some nuances. Will look good belts of a similar color with the boots. To combine accessory and t-shirt or shirt. The neutral option is to choose black or brown belt. However, the dark color is ill-suited to bright jeans. Business people pick up the belts to the color of the buckle from the watch.
Picking up the accessory, you should pay attention to the quality of the material from which it is made. Strap in the style of "casual" may be made of rubber, leather or plain fabric. It is popular among teenagers. A distinctive feature of this belt is the big belt buckle with logo of famous brands. But do not buy cheap imitations as it will look childish, without creating a style the designer intended.
Sports straps are more suited to modern teenagers, and looks great with a bright colored t-shirts and sneakers. Classic is not suitable to jeans, so the belt of this type should be worn exclusively to the pants.
If the belt chooses a man, then should pay attention to such parameters as the combination of style and color, accessories and jeans. The skin is rough the candle will be the ideal material for the production of belts. So give preference to this type of fabric. Choose a belt of medium width. Do not use this accessory if it is taken from the Trouser suit. He did not fit to the pants. This combination will look ridiculous.
Women's belt can be made of fabric, leather, ribbon, nylon or braid. A simple accessory can be used in the case. If it will be hidden under a shirt or t-shirt. The style of the belt should match the style of jeans. Tough combat accessory will match any jeans, complemented by boots with thick soles. To a simple tight tank top will fit a strap of thick fabric.
Useful advice
To ruin the jeans with a belt, it is very hard. So don't be afraid and experiment!
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