You will need
  • - cm tape,
  • - table of sizes of pants.
Measure the waist of the person that will bought a belt, or the length of the waistband of trousers/skirts with which to wear the belt. Add at least ten inches to the figure and choose the required length of the belt. Thus it is better to choose this accessory with the length slightly greater than smaller, as the long strap can be shortened. To do this, remove the screw from the buckle, cut off the excess, punch a new hole and screw a screw into this new hole.
Choose the belt length by size, corresponding to standard clothing sizes in that case, if you measure the waist of the future owner of the belt is not possible.
Keep in mind when selecting such a accessory like a belt that must be fastened to it on the middle hole, so the length should be appropriate. After all, with a short belt will have to punch additional holes that will adversely affect the appearance and strength of the belt, as well as the General impression of the costume wearer.
Take into account the features of the belt are going to buy. So, for example, belts made in the USA does not have leather belt loops (loop), which usually runs the tail belt. Therefore, the length of this products should be choose considering the fact that the length of this accessory was sufficient to push the end of the belt in the belt loops of the Trouser waistband.
When buying a belt for jeans is worth considering that the strap length should be one-two sizes larger than the size of wearable jeans. So, if Jean pants size W36, the strap must be purchased with a length of 38 or 40 inches. The distance between the holes is usually one inch (25 mm).