You will need
  • thread;
  • hook;
  • - knitting pattern;
  • pencil;
  • - tracing;
  • - the notebook.
Draw the pattern left or right armhole sleeve clothing in full size. Possible for greater convenience to use tracing paper. Ready paper template attach a sample of the finished knitting, made a basic pattern. Will be clear picture the necessary ubavo columns to create a smooth rounded leaf.
Look at how much rapport (elements of the pattern) are included in armhole sleeve length. For example, if you use a simple pattern "arch of air loops", each report contains 7 of the thread handles. Each new arch edge fixed promazyvanie Central section of the same arches of the lower row.
In your study journal, write what part of one arch (rapport) should be withdrawn in the first row of the work in the second, etc. For this sample, execute the calculation of the line of the right armhole, but its formation is complete in the mirror.
Close loops for different openings by pulling the working yarn with a hook at the end (one arm) or early (the other armhole) row. Pull the thread to the first working loop and pull it through the column if necessary, remove the cloth in the beginning of the row. Continue knitting items on, as usual. At the same time in the canvas increases the level columns. Remember that the extended the thread should not pull the knitting, it should be free.
At the end of the row level columns for the armhole decrease. For this davaite to ubavka the canvas and stretch the working thread through the last loop of the row. Drag the ball of yarn formed through a large arc. Leave the loop on the stem of the hook, tightening it up to the size of the common link air chain. Pull the working thread through it and tie on.