Advice 1: How to determine the length of the hair

To determine the length of the hair is often not easy. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the hair may vary in texture. And if your hair is curly, they should be pre-wet.
How to determine the length of the hair
You'll need 10 minutes of time, a centimeter, a large mirror (at least half of the growth), good daylight and a little patience.
The measurement of the length of the hair is recommended to begin with a thorough bathing head massage, to get rid of dead skin cells. After natural drying the hair comb with the comb at least 50 times without the use of various chemicals you can proceed to the next step.
Stand in front of a mirror in profile and under the control of grab a section of hair on top and attach it to the root of a tape. Not want to hard fix the edge of the tape to the head, pulling the hair, it can damage the delicate skin around hair follicles, which threatens further deterioration of nutrition in these areas, and possible hair growth in the area. Do not pull the hair hair follicles are very fragile, especially in men over 55 years of age and women during pregnancy - try to avoid hair loss during measurement.
Place tape along with a lock of hair through your fingers and secure at the tips. Carefully release the strand of hair, fixing the fingers on the ribbon. This is a standard straight long hair, medium density. In case your hair is extremely curly, to the resulting value must be added to 4 see If the weak – 2 cm If your hair is dry and brittle, it is likely that their length may not be uniform. And for greater accuracy it is necessary to conduct measurements at several points: the back of the head, temples, crown.
If the measurement of hair before going to the hairdresser, it is worth remembering that in the price list of the Russian salons short hair are considered to be those that do not cover the upper edge of the ear medium length – concerning projecting of the cervical vertebra and the long ones that cover the shoulders.
Useful advice
It is better to use shampoos with natural ingredients and combs with natural bristles.

Advice 2: What to do if your hair is curly

Many women spend a lot of time to create waves, curls laying, chemical wave of hair. However, there are those who have completely opposite problem – their hair curly "small demon", fall unkempt strands, twisted in different directions, not obeying neither the brush nor the means for stacking. How to tame unruly curls, turning them into a beautiful hairstyle?
What to do if your hair is curly
Holders wavy hair often try to flatten it. The easiest way proper grooming and daily styling. To wash your hair, choose special shampoos and conditioners. They remove the excess static electricity make the hair more heavy and less wavy. After washing and light drying hair is placed, pulling the strands with a round brush. Will accelerate the process of special hair-brush. Perfectly smooth hair can be give with the help of Ironing-rectifier. However, the trichologists recommend to use it too often, as this device can dry up the hair. Before processing strands, apply a protective spray. After laying should not comb hair too often – they start shining and the hairstyle loses its shape.Good result are obtained and the lamination of hair. This procedure is performed in the salon, and the effect of it lasts for two or three months, depending on hair quality. In the lamination process, every hair enveloped with a special compound, with the result that looks more shiny and smooth. Moreover, the strands become more difficult and easy to style. However, the problem of "small devil" lamination will not solve.Radical method – chemical hair straightening. This is a salon procedure that requires the hairdresser concerned, experience and skill. The effect lasts up to a year, however, the chemical straightening should not be done on highlighted and coloured hair the result may be unexpected.If you straighten the curls, you can give them a proper shape. After all, owners of curly hair is not often irritate the curls, and the overall disheveled and untidy hair. It is necessary to eliminate excessive fluffiness of hair, remove them from static electricity, to give your curls uniformity, and hair – grooming. Pick a series of products designed to care for curly hair. Need shampoo, conditioner, softening the hair and skin for their formation. After washing your hair, lightly dry them, squeeze foam on the palm of hands and apply it on the hair, forming a correct and uniform curls. Dry hair with a Hairdryer with a nozzle-diffuser and fix the result with a light spray, not glue the hair.
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