You'll need 10 minutes of time, a centimeter, a large mirror (at least half of the growth), good daylight and a little patience.
The measurement of the length of the hair is recommended to begin with a thorough bathing head massage, to get rid of dead skin cells. After natural drying the hair comb with the comb at least 50 times without the use of various chemicals you can proceed to the next step.
Stand in front of a mirror in profile and under the control of grab a section of hair on top and attach it to the root of a tape. Not want to hard fix the edge of the tape to the head, pulling the hair, it can damage the delicate skin around hair follicles, which threatens further deterioration of nutrition in these areas, and possible hair growth in the area. Do not pull the hair hair follicles are very fragile, especially in men over 55 years of age and women during pregnancy - try to avoid hair loss during measurement.
Place tape along with a lock of hair through your fingers and secure at the tips. Carefully release the strand of hair, fixing the fingers on the ribbon. This is a standard straight long hair, medium density. In case your hair is extremely curly, to the resulting value must be added to 4 see If the weak – 2 cm If your hair is dry and brittle, it is likely that their length may not be uniform. And for greater accuracy it is necessary to conduct measurements at several points: the back of the head, temples, crown.
If the measurement of hair before going to the hairdresser, it is worth remembering that in the price list of the Russian salons short hair are considered to be those that do not cover the upper edge of the ear medium length – concerning projecting of the cervical vertebra and the long ones that cover the shoulders.