First, the infringement must be drawn up Memorandum. It is necessary to state, that it violated the employee. It is also desirable, in a Memorandum to refer to those paragraphs in the instructions or other documents which has been violated by the employee.
For example, the employee admitted being late to work, he admitted fault equipment downtime. This should be set out in a Memorandum, citing a violation of work Rules.
If the employee has not performed work, waste time chattering most of the working day with a friend, you need to refer to compliance with specific paragraphs of the job description.
In fact the violations from the employee need to request a written explanation. To write an explanatory note is given for 2 days.
If after the specified period, the explanation will not be provided, the act "of refusal from giving explanations." Act shall be signed by at least three employees in the presence of an intruder.
On the basis of submitted documents head of the organization of the decision on imposing of disciplinary punishment to a reprimand. It must be objective and correspond to the severity of the violation.
This decision is made in the form of an order of arbitrary shape. It must specify the offence with links to instructions and rules, the consequences of breach for the organization.
The orders on imposing disciplinary sanctions we recommend that you store separately from the others, but not prohibited, and in the common folder of orders for the company.
The guilty employee must be familiar with the order within 3 days from the date of its registration. In case of refusal is also an act.
In the case where the employee is a member of the PC may require the consent of the trade Union on the announcement of reprimand to him. This requirement excluded from the Labour code, but it can be spelled out in the Collective agreement or the internal labor Regulations.
in a month not included.
The period during which it can be made the decision on punishment of the employee is 1 month. This period prolongs the illness of the employee, vacation and waiting for the response of the trade Union Committee. After 6 months, the employee punished can not be (read more – article 193 of the LC RF).