Actually, the cadastral passport is not one but a whole package of documents, which includes a special extract from the OCG, that is, the register of the state real property cadastre, unique information about the house or apartment, including the size of the house (length*width*height), location and area of each room, description of the appearance of the structure, as well as the address and the cadastral value.
Apply to the Body of the cadastral account at the location of the house. In this case a cadastral passport must give free, if you just want to put the house on cadastral registration. If you want to update specifications, have to pay a certain fee.
Take documents confirming the identity of the citizen, the right of ownership to this property.
Write a statement of the established sample, asking it about the cadastral registration or modification of information, and how to get them. This can be done either in person, or filling out a form on the websites of "Public services" ( or the cadastral authority of the Russian Federation (regions of Russia).
After reviewing your application and performing the necessary measurements and evaluation within twenty working days after the request, you will receive the cadastral passport. The number of instances should be no less than two and not more than five. In the cadastral passporte have to be invested accurate plan drawing of the dwelling. To speed up the decision, you can make the payment on a price of the organization.
In some cases, you can refuse the issuance of cadastral passportand the cadastral registration. The cadastral authority must issue an official notice of refusal stating the reasons.