Natural remedy is exercise and set of exercises. Here are some of them:it is Useful to make the bends with heavy weight. In this work needs only the torso and the bevels are executed in part, without deviation forward or back. With proper exercise training and pumped obliques. That will lead to the desired increase in waist size.
It is also important to work the abdominal muscles. Doing exercises on a press, you can enhance the effect if you also take any weights (i.e., dumbbells or disk).
And don't forget about the back. Suitable such exercises of bodybuilding as a deadlift, thrust in the slope, pull the dumbbell with one hand.
Before active exercises don't forget to consult with your doctor and a fitness trainer. They will help you not only determine the volume of the payload for the body, but also the presence of contraindications.
The increase in waist size should necessarily happen at the expense of muscle and not fat mass. One should not hope to achieve good results, leaning on fast food. The key to a beautiful figure and well-being – the rational amount of exercise.