To evenly increase the volume of the legs, it is necessary to pump all the parts of the femur and tibia. A complex effect on all the thigh muscles have squats. When performing squats firmly rest against the entire surface of the foot to the floor, keep your backs straight. Try not to tear the heels and the knees don't get on line stop. Sit down on the inhale and straighten on exhale. When lifting weights lift your chin, chest drag up.
Lunges strengthen the buttocks, the front and back of the thigh. Take the dumbbells in your hands or put a barbell on your shoulders. Rise directly, feet on width of foot. Step the right leg forward. Bend your legs at the knees to a right angle with the lower leg. Push off your right foot off the floor and return to I. p. Repeat the exercise with the left leg. You can perform lunges alternating right and left leg, or do lunges first to the right, then to left leg.
Inner thighs suck on the simulator for details of the legs, and the outer surface of the hip simulator for growing feet. Accordingly, the front of the thigh are strengthened by the leg extension in the simulator, and back – bending legs in the machine. If there are no suitable simulators – perform leg swings (forward, side, back) with loads in standing, sitting and lying down. As the resistance to fit the expander. One side of the expander is attached to the leg, and the second is the counter or the gym wall.
Lifting on socks with the weights will strengthen your calf muscles. As weights you can use a barbell, dumbbells or a special device. To increase the volume of the calf will help and different types of jumps: in length and in height.
Muscle growth is only possible with the full power. Include in your daily diet buckwheat, eggs, meat. Increase the calories taken per day food. Complete basic nutrition taking protein shakes.