Think about what your life was and is good. People don't pay attention to what we have in this life. Some citizens complain that they don't have a large house, although have owned the apartment. Others, for various reasons, remain homeless. All I want to eat something delicious, oblivious to the hungry.
Thank God in your own words, if you do not know the special prayer. After that, three crosshairs with the words: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen." If you are surrounded by people, just say to yourself: "Thank you, Lord!" According to the Orthodox creed, Christians should be thanking the Lord for everything. It so happens that in life bad things happen. Orthodox believe that the trials God sends to the people repented of their sins and on the path of correction.
Read the book of Psalms is a book that is part of the Bible. It contains 150 songs, many of which are devoted to thanksgiving to the Lord. Reading this Holy book will spiritually strengthen you.
Go to any Orthodox Church. Buy a candle at the Church of the employees and place it before the icon of the Savior. Typically, this image is placed right in front of the altar. If you do not know prayer, buy in the Church shop of the prayer book. This is a book that has prayers for different occasions. In the temple there are special boxes for alms. Put as much money as you think fit. The money will go to the restoration of the temple, the purchase of Church utensils, etc. So you thank God.
Order your candle in the temple of thanksgiving. This is a special service where the priest reads a special prayer to the Lord. Write on a sheet of paper the names of those from whom it would be done.
Do any good deed, because it is the best gratitude. Give money to a beggar, feed the hungry dog, help your relatives.