Connect your desktop or laptop computerusing these types of connectors like HDMI is the most common connector (the number will depend on model of TV), DVI – almost the same as HDMI, only the most used and combines the connectors on the computere and the TV HDMI output. The VGA connector is used when the computer has no digital analogue.
If your TV does not support VGA, apply the adapter to the connector YUV. It helps in converting digital signals, but their quality is much lower compared to other connectors. The connections are Scart, S-Video, and Video, but their use greatly affects the reception quality of the signal received by your TV. Because of this, the image may be blurred.
When connected via HDMI remember to Windows immediately displayed on the TV screen, do not connect to the computeradditional monitor. Connect to the power supply the computerand not through HDMI to monitor. This way you will achieve the correct operation of the card under the screen resolution of the TV. The image will appear on the screen, and with the help of a computerand you can set the required permission.
Sync via DVI. This connector is specially designed to transmit the image on the monitor, but this computerAh, there are video cards that allow you to transmit sound and picture on the TV screen.
If you do not have a graphics card, use the adapter, but in this case, since the audio signal goes through the cable, the picture and sound can lag behind from each other. Use an additional program Reclock to eliminate this inconvenience.
Use alternative ways of conveying information on TV: use the DSL router, if the TV and PC are far away from each other; transmit information through a cable.