You will need
  • TV, router, English language proficiency when setting and prescription routes.
To connect the TV to the router you need to follow step by step instructions. The first step can be considered the study of the technical parameters of the connected objects and possibilities of their combining. You need to study the technical documentation or to verify in practice the possibility of their interaction.
How to connect your TV to <b>router</b>
In manual mode you need to select "Options" and hold them in accordance with the requirements. First you need to check the mode aka Russian dual access pppoe. Then enable DHCP, configure the properties of the local network.
When configuring settings for the local network is set to automatic receive settings, such as ip and dns. When your computer has received all data necessary to begin to direct connection.
Next you need to register the route, username, password, set the control modes. Then you need to restart the system and run the Internet and TV.
When making decisions about configuring additional services may require the prescription of additional routes of data transmission.
The prescription of routes is repeated multiple times in some cases. Usually when you connect there may be different kinds of technical failures. Their removal can't be carried out fairly quickly. Worth several times to set up and a total system reboot.