You will need
  • - video signal cable.
Start by selecting a channel through which will be implemented by the computer connection to a TV. Most often this choice is determined by the availability of the free connector on the graphics card. Sometimes it is wiser to reconnect the monitor to a different port to connect the video card with a TV via the digital channel.
Purchase a cable with the desired ports. You will often see two types of connections: DVI-HDMI and hotel DHMI to HDMI. Connect the TV to the video card of the computer or laptop. Turn on PC and wait for loading the operating system.
Now turn on the TV and open the menu settings of this device. Locate the "Priority source signal". Select the port that is currently connected to the computer.
Now all you have to choose the parameters of the video card. To begin, open the settings menu of the device. Usually the desired parameters meet the program ATI Control Center and Nvidia Control Panel. Locate the "Control multiple displays" and select the option "Mode mnogochislennoi performance."
Open the menu "display Properties" or "Connect to external display". Highlight the icon of the monitor or TV and select "Make this main display". As the main screen is better to use a monitor, because it will run all apps.
Now, select the second icon and activate the "Extend to this screen". It is important to understand that the transfer of the different images on two display gives a heavy load on the video card. If you are dealing with a relatively weak device, it is better to select the operating mode "Duplication". In this case, both will display an identical picture.