You will need
  • - HDMI to HDMI cable;
  • connector DVi HDMI.
To begin to examine the capabilities of the video card installed in your computer or laptop. Make sure that the adapter is designed for transmitting both types of signals.
If you are using a video card ATI (Radeon), it may not be output to HDMI. In this situation it is recommended to use the DVI channel in conjunction with a special adapter. Make sure that you use the original connector a DVI-HDMI that can transmit the audio signal.
Examine the technical characteristics of the used TV. Make sure that the HDMI port is designed to receive the audio signal. Select the correct cable format HDMI-hotel DHMI.
Connect the computer video card to the right port of the TV. If you want to use both a monitor and a TV, adjust the synchronous operation of these devices. To do this, click "screen Resolution" and select the appropriate mode.
Use the "Duplicate screen", if you want to send the same image to all connected devices. In that situation, when you need to use both displays independently from each other, set the mode to "Expand screen". In this situation, you must first designate a computer display main unit.
Let us configure audio signal transfer. Open control panel and select "Hardware and sound". Click on the link "Manage audio devices".
Go to the tab "Playback" and find equipment ADM (Nvidia) HDMI Output. Highlight its icon with the left mouse button. Click "default".
Now click "Apply" and close the dialog menu. Start a random video clip and make sure that your HDMIoutput is stable. When the cable is disconnected from the port, it automatically switches to the standard audio ports located on the corresponding Board.