You will need
  • cable DVI-HDMI
  • HDMI to HDMI cable
  • adapter HDMI-DVI
If you decide to connect your PC or laptop to a plasma TV, you should determine the type of future signal. It'll either be analogue signal or digital. The fact that the HDMI cable used to transfer digital signal, is relatively expensive compared to the VGA cable that transmits an analog signal.
If the diagonal of your TV is more than forty inches, it is recommended to use a digital signal. The fact that high-quality video transmitted over an analog channel will be very distorted.
View ports for the video cables available in the laptop and the plasma TV. Find the matching connectors. The analysis should take into account the fact that DVI and HDMI are interchangeable, since both transmit a digital signal.
If the notebook present only the DVI port and the TV HDMI, get an HDMI cable of the required length and adapter DVI-HDMI, or buy a ready-made HDMI-DVI cable. Connect laptop to plasma TV using the purchased cable and adapter.
Turn the laptop on and wait for the download of the operating system. Open the properties screen and verify that the system has detected your TV. Now you have two options to configure the image to be uploaded.
If you want to use only the TV as the main screen, you select enter your TV. Set the option "Make this main display".
If you want the image on the laptop and the TV was the same, then activate the item "Duplicate these displays".
How to connect a laptop to the plasma
If you want to increase the workspace of the laptop screen, then select the device that is a key and activate the checkbox "Extend these displays". In this case, you can continue to work with your notebook, while simultaneously turning on the video on the TV.
How to connect a laptop to the plasma