You will need
  • VGA cable
  • Wireless signal Converter from computer to TV
Connect the video output of a desktop computer monitor or laptop using the VGA cable to the transmitter signal.
Also to the transmitter connect the audio output of your computer or laptop using the supplied audio cable.
Turn on the transmitter signal.
Connect the supplied RCA cable to the TV. Make sure that the colours of the plugs match the color of the input ports on the TV.
Connect the RCA cable to the signal receiver.
Start signal receiver. Make sure that the transmitter and the signal receiver, computer and TV are turned on and working.
Find the input channel on the TV. Depending on the brand and model, it can be marked as "Auxiliary", "Composite" or "video Input" on the TV remote or on the control panel.
You may have to adjust the screen resolution on the computer. To do this, select "start" then "Settings" and "control Panel".
In control panel click "Display" and locate the "Settings"tab.
Go to "screen Resolution" in the "Settings" tab. Use the arrow keys to switch between different screen resolutions. Select an appropriate resolution for the TV screen, and then click "Apply". The screen will display a message like "your Computer will revert to your old settings in 15 seconds...". If the image on the screen returned to normal, click "OK".