Purchase a HDMI-HDMI cable of suitable length to connect the TV to the computer. If your TV does not have this connector, you can buy a DVI-Out and pre-connect to the HDMI port-In. Computer or laptop must also have a HDMI port, otherwise the connection will not succeed.
Connect to the appropriate port of the computer HDMI to HDMI cable, the other end of which connect with a corresponding port of the TV. Turn on the TV and the computer. On the TV remote, find the button "input Source" (TV Input) and press it. In the menu that appears, specify the signal source HDMI output (if connected correctly, the item is likely to be highlighted). After a few seconds you will see on the screen image of your desktop operating system, and it suggests that you have managed to connect TV to PC via HDMI.
If the computer image still does not appear on the TV screen, right click the mouse in any place of your desktop system and select "screen Resolution" or "appearance and personalization" (depending on Windows version). Click "Find" next to the image and number of your monitor. After that click on "menu" Screen and select connected TV, then press the "Duplicate this screen". Click "Apply" and "OK". Now your computer will be connected to the TV via HDMI.
Remember that to transfer from the PC to the TV, not only the picture but also the sound will need to perform some additional steps. First, get the AUX cable and connect one end to port Audio Out of the computer and the other end to the Audio-In connector of the TV (the name and the location of the connectors depends on the model).
Go to the start menu of the operating system and open the "control Panel", then click "Sound". If the audio cable was connected correctly, you will see from the available audio output on the TV. Click right mouse button and select "Use default". Now you will be able not only to enjoy viewing the picture from the monitor on the TV screen, but to listen to the sounds, played by the operating system.