You will need
  • - HDMI to HDMI cable;
  • adapter DVI-HDMI.
To transfer digital images endowed with modern video cards DVI ports and hdmi-vyhod">HDMI. In TVs you will often see the HDMI port. This is because it is a relatively new connector that can be transmitted audio signal. If the video card of your PC there is only a DVI port, purchase an adapter from DVI-Out to HDMI-In.
Turn off the computer (laptop). Connect to the desired port adapter and HDMI-HDMI cable. The second end of the cable connect the same channel on the TV. Turn on the computer and wait for loading the operating system.
Now turn on the TV and open the menu settings of this device. Locate the "input Source" and select the HDMI port to which you connected the cable. Most likely, after you apply the settings on the screen of the TV displays the computer desktop without a taskbar and shortcuts.
If not, then proceed to configuring synchronous operation of two displays. Open control panel and go to "appearance and personalization". Click "Connect to external display".
After opening a window titled "screen Settings" press the "Find" button. Wait until you see the graphical images of the TV. Select it and activate the checkbox "Extend to this screen".
The desktop extension is the ideal option synchronous operation of the TV and monitor. Its use allows to simultaneously run a video player on the display of the external device, without occupying the working area of the monitor.
If you want to get the identical image on the TV monitor, select a graphical image of the TV and activate the function "Duplicate this screen".