You will need
  • - HDMI to HDMI cable.
First, pick a cable, which the TV will be connected to the system unit of a computer. To improve the quality of image is better to use digital channels, such as HDMI and DVI. Connecting through the HDMI port allows you to transfer the audio signal. This will save you from having to purchase additional cable. Connect the TV with video card of the computer.
Turn on both devices. Open the settings menu of the TV. At this stage it is only necessary to specify the port through which you made the connection, as the main source of the signal. Perform this step.
Wait for the operating system and adjust the operating parameters of the graphics card. If you are using a TV instead of a monitor, then just put an appropriate resolution. Open control panel and select "adjust screen resolution" located in the menu "Display". Select the resolution and click "Apply".
In simultaneous usage of TV and monitor will perform additional configuration. Click "Connect to external display" in the menu "Display". Select the equipment, which initially will run all apps. Activate "Make this main display". It is better to choose the monitor as the primary display.
Now enable the option "Extend this screen". Click on the graphic image of the TV and select an appropriate resolution. Configuring the computer to this stage has been completed.
Open the TV's menu and perform a detailed configuration of the image. Adjust the brightness and contrast. Widen or narrow the picture when the TV opportunities allow you to do this. Align the refresh rate of the TV screen and monitor. This will reduce the load on the graphics card.