You will need
  • - Two dumbbells
  • The post
Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Mash shoulder joints and elbows rotating movements, first half-bent hand, and then straight. Do the flapping for five minutes. This will secure the necessary preparation of the joints for the upcoming workouts.
Stand up straight, back straight, look just above the level of your growth. Straighten the neck, and taking the dumbbells in hand, keep your elbows to the body. Alternately lift each hand with an average speed to the shoulder and without a fixing in this position lower down. Do twelve repetitions with each hand and repeat this approach four times.
Let out your breath, pick up a barbell. Stand up straight, head looking straight. Press the elbows to the body and lift the barbell up to the chin movements. Repeat this exercise thirty times in three approaches. In the latter approach make fifteen repetitions, can use a little cheating and a greater number of repetitions – in this approach it is necessary to load the biceps as hard as possible.
Sit on a chair and take in the right hand dumbbell with a weight that you used in the first exercise. Lean your triceps on the inner part of the thigh and lift it up as quickly as possible. After reaching failure biceps change to a hand. Do this exercise before the ceiling failure is five repetitions with each hand.