To build large biceps , you must systematically approach the training process. Remember that it is impossible to have huge sizes, if the rest of the muscles of the body is in a rudimentary state. You will be able to pump up the bicepsonly when you build overall muscle mass of the body. Otherwise, all your efforts in the gym will remain a waste of time. Remember that the main muscle mass of the body consists of three muscle groups: legs, back and chest. Make sure to do exercises for these muscle groups. It will give a powerful impetus to the growth of your results.
Remember that if you want to build muscle mass, and as a result, your biceps, training should be based on a constant load increase in the basic exercises. Do not include in your complex more than 2-3 exercises per workout. The training process is best organized several times a week depending on your fitness. The number of sets in one exercise should not exceed - 5 and -8 reps. Increase the load as follows: if you are able to do exercise five approaches, and each approach to perform 8 repetitions, then feel free to increase the weights by 3-5 pounds. then achieve 5*8 with the new weight. And so on. With the increase in the weight of weights will increase your weight and volume of the biceps. Remember that if you will press lying 150 kg, to catch up with a pancake, weighing 25 kg and squat 180 kg. your biceps can't just stay little. They will have to grow. Don't forget that a gradual increase in load –your key to pumping bigger biceps.
Make sure to do squats with a barbell on the shoulders. This exercise in addition to the development of the leg muscles also stimulates the growth of the total muscle mass, including the biceps. The fact is that when you perform this exercise actively secretes growth hormone (in the process of relaxing after a workout), which is a necessary element for the growth of your biceps (and other muscles too).
Perform the bench press on the bench. In addition to the development of the chest muscles this exercise develops the triceps and even muscles are antagonists of the biceps. Make sure to do a chin-up wide grip. Exercise develops the latissimus dorsi and the biceps and is useful in that pumped muscle that is weaker. Ie if your back has adapted to the load, and biceps not, then swings it. At the end of each workout, add a lifting of a weight on a biceps. This exercise directly stimulates the growth of your biceps and allow the "finish" an already worked muscle. Be sure to change the grip in this exercise. This will allow to study both the inner and outer head of the muscle. You can also perform the exercise with a curved fretboard. Lifting barbells for biceps you can alternate with alternate lifting the dumbbells that will not get used to your biceps to the same exercises.