Inspect the body of the stick. On one of its elements can be crammed full serial number. Usually flash drives have multiple serial numbers: one unique and one common. Common serial number stuffed or glued to the hull all flash drives one-party model, the second is unique, is contained directly in the software media.
So, in the first case, to know the total number of drives, you will need to open its case (if the number is not contained on the outer parts). Note that in this case of warranty repair (if still valid) can be considered. Please note not only in plastics, but also on the very iron "tip" of the stick. Room it can be applied to it.
Go to registry editor to check the stick. As mentioned earlier, the unique serial number of the stick, manufactured to specification, can be considered a room made to its software – InstanceID. To go to the registry editor, navigate to the "start" button, then click Run.
In the command line enter regedit and press Enter. A window will appear with the folder. Sequentially opening the folder in question, go to the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSetEnum/USB. In the USB folder you will find all the information on your USB flash drive, including a unique serial number.
Try to find papers and documents that came with the drive. This refers to the warranty card you filled out at the store when buying it. On the warranty card should be a serial number under which this USB flash drive, and not some other will if necessary be subject to the warranty. Sometimes the serial number is contained in the other documents (specifications from the manufacturer), but this is extremely rare.