You will need
  • RACCOON (industrial small laptop with a built-in GPRS-modem), MicroSD, utility, computer with card reader.
Card memorylike a USB stick, is designed simply: a controller chip and several chips of memory. If bainul controller, you can restore it by flashing, but if the chip memoryshould be formatted, and factory.
Run the file from the official firmware, after extracting the data, run the flasher. Remove the file *.exe official firmware file temp.dat ("start" -> "control Panel" -> "user Accounts"), walk the path C:Documents and SettingsTemp SettingsИмя пользователяLocal.
Change the file extension temp.dat to temp.bin. Copy the file to the root of the formatted card memory.
Verify the successful flashing when you boot Windows. Then restart the computer. Please note! Unofficial tools for firmware is usually downloaded with a simple archive that you must uncompress and copy file *.bin to a formatted card memory. Rename it is not necessary, because it is already in the desired format - *.bin.
And another tip. Flash card memory is possible only when the computer somehow sees it and defines. If he does not react to the card memoryand the card heats up, it means that she was burned beyond repair as a device. Will have to buy a new one.