You will need
  • - PDAs.
If possible, turn the device on. Then click on start, choose Programs, and then click Help and Support, which will see the serial number of the CPC and the model number of this pocket PC.
Flip the device and remove the cover that covers the battery. Near the battery sticker pasted it to view the serial number of a pocket PC.
Dial on your handheld, the following combination of characters: *#06#. After that, the screen of the pocket computer will display the serial number of the device.
After flashing PDA changes its serial number, so if some mobile applications do not run on the device, register these programs with the new serial number of the CPC.
If the mobile application was incorrectly entered serial number of a pocket PC, send it to technical support for this website request the removal of false registration. The message may have the following form: "Please remove the incorrect registration." However, in the query text, append license key mobile applications incorrectly entered the serial number of the PDA, as well as their contact information.