You have a new map of the memorythat you bought in a specialized Department of electronics. To activate it work that way. Insert the map memory in one of the free USB connectors on your personal computer. Wait until the system will detect the connected device. Once determined, the flash card dialog box opens with a link to "Open current folder". Do not select any of the proposed actions, simply close this window.
After that, click "start" and select "My computer". Hover the mouse cursor over the label cards memory and click on it right button. Opens the device menu.
Find the line called "Properties" and click on it. Dialog box opens. Select "Format the device". For the best performance, card memory use the function "Slow formatting". After this procedure, you can use the active flash card.
To connect an already used map memory to the computer also just. Insert the flash drive into the USB port. The operating system of computer will detect the storage device as removable media. Opens a window prompting you to open the card folder memory. Ignore the offer, closing the dialog box. Find the folder "My computer" and open it. Use the right mouse button on the label of the storage device. From the opened menu select "Scan for viruses". In menu this option is available if your personal computer have an antivirus program installed.
If your PC has no antivirus, you should not access the card memoryto avoid viruses. As soon as the scan pendrive with antivirus in malware, you with full confidence can open it . If the verification process were found Trojans and scripts, as well as various viruses, it is desirable to remove them.