Advice 1: How to determine a card reader

Now the built-in card reader is in almost any computer. To find out which model of reader you have on your computer, you can open the system cover and look directly on it. But this method works not always. First, your computer may be under warranty. In this case, the system unit can be sealed and opening it, you lose the warranty. Secondly, not every reader has any information on his model.
How to determine a card reader
You will need
  • computer, a card reader, the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition, access to the Internet.
Just right click the icon "My computer". Then select "device Manager". Displays a list of all connected computer devices. Carefully go through the list. Among them should be your reader.
If using "device Manager" you have not received information about the card reader, or want more detail to identify the model and characteristics of the device, you need to download a special programme of monitoring and diagnostics of the computer.
A good program has a convenient and intuitive interface, is AIDA64 Extreme Edition. It takes about ten megabytes. You can download the program from the official website. Trivial term of use of the program is one month. Download and install it on your computer.
Run the program. Wait a few seconds while it collects data about the system. After this process is complete, you will be taken to the main menu. The program window is divided into two parts. In the right part of the window, find the component "Physical device" and press the right button of the mouse. A window will appear listing all physical devices. Drag the slider to the window down until you see "USB Device". Among these devices is the card reader.
If you want to define additional parameters of the scanner, in the left part of the main program menu, find the tab "Devices". Next to that tab is an arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button. Will appear the list of devices. In this list, find "USB device" and click on it with the left mouse button.
In the window that appears will list all the USB devices. To find out detailed information about the reader, click on the arrow next to its name. If you are not sure which device is the card reader can then access all USB devices.
How to start device Manager? Options open device Manager several. They absolutely don't require a lot of knowledge about computer and operating systems. Let's consider them in order. 1. On the desktop locate the My computer icon. This opens the computer Management window, in the list on the left, you can easily find the section device Manager.
Useful advice
Device Manager reports if there are problems communicating with the hard drive, mouse, video card, network card or any other existing equipment. To open device Manager in Windows XP in several ways Double-click the device in the list opens a window with its properties. On the General tab locate the section called "device Status (Device Status). If you have any problems with this device, the relevant information appears in this section.

Advice 2: How to choose a card reader for your computer

In cameras, smartphones, tablets, we constantly use the memory card. On a small card placed a huge amount of diverse information. But to work with it on the computer should have a card reader.
How to choose cartride for computer

The card reader is a device that allows you to read data from memory cards. If you ever already use a reader, have you noticed that when connected through card reader the memory card visible just like a regular flash drive and no special software to work with it is not necessary. But not sold one kind of memory card, so the choice of reader must be approached carefully.

What types of scanners you can find in the sale?

First, the readers can be divided into internal (installed in the computer case connect to the motherboard) and external (connect cord to the USB port of the computer like keyboard, mouse).

Second, the readers can be divided according to the types of cards they support. You can find card readers for each type of memory card, but there are universal devices that allow you to work with multiple types of cards. If you are sure that you need only one card type for all your devices, you can buy a card reader just for them (most often, this card reader looks like a USB flash drive with the connector in order to insert memory card), but the universal reader will not spend money if there is a need to read data from the card of a different type.

Tip: types of cards supported by the reader, this is its main characteristic. Before buying a card reader, inspect all devices in which you use a memory card, record the type and in the store ask the seller to show you all the readers who supported the work with all your maps.

The operating system compatibility is also important. Before you pay money, please note that the box (or in the passport of the device), you have included all of the OS, which the software of the scanner can work.

And of course, I must say that it is possible to find readers a funny shape. Choose a reader as a gift to yourself or friends – such a useful toy at an affordable price will make the computer not only easier but also more fun.

Как выбрать картридет для компьютера

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