Identify the cause of the failure of the speakerand to be able to restore it. The main causes of failure can be a blockage, a break of the diffuser, a breakthrough of the membrane, the separation of the contacts of the coil from the cone speakerbut the failure of the magnet (lead magnet), combustion coil. In some cases you will be able to fix the dynamics of their own, in some of the best to take it to a service center for warranty repair (if possible) or buy a new one.
Pay attention to the sound of a speaker. If there are any noises, noises or hum, may be a cause of failure lies in faulty diffuser. Remove the mounting screws, remove speaker from housing speaker.
Remove it carefully so as not to damage the pins that go from it to the protective circuit with a frequency filter. To make it easier to restore the speaker, unsolder it from these contacts.
Inspect the diffuser for the presence of breaks, holes, etc. Also note on the membrane, but rather on its integrity. If breakthrough there is, take a piece of cloth of medium density. It is important that it was plastic. Take the glue viscous consistency (super-glue will not work). Seal a breakthrough.
Inspect the docking speakerand the coil. Take a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and remove all dirt on the back speakerand because it can also have a negative impact on his work. Check the integrity of contacts coming from a cone speakerand to the coil.
If they are broken, solder them to the remains of the contacts and / or extend and secure again directly to the diffuser. To do this, use a thin sewing needle and fine thread. After flash contacts, glue them with glue viscous consistency.
Check for a speaker. Turn it on low volume, gradually increasing it. If upon reaching a certain volume, it stops playing, or starts to wheeze in a diffuser and the membrane, then, most likely, fell off the winding reel. Rewinding it yourself is very difficult because of the huge number of turns that have to wind manually. Think, perhaps, it makes sense in this situation to just buy a new speaker.