You will need
  • - Driver Pack Solution;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - CD drivers.
The above condition is solved by the independent search and install drivers for the integrated sound card. Usually these files are laid out on the website of the developers laptops. Visit the desired Internet resource and open the category "Downloads".
Using search strings to locate software that is suitable for used mobile computer. Download the appropriate application, after specifying the operating system version with which they work.
Run the installer and install the program. Reboot the mobile computer. Check the operation of the sound card.
Sometimes manufacturers include a complete set of notebook drives with the appropriate drivers. Insert the DVD in the drive and launch the software located on it. Select Audio Drivers. Install the proposed application.
For some integrated sound cards, you can use generic drivers. Find out the model of the device installed in your laptop. To do this, use the program Everest (AIDA).
Visit the website of the developers of this equipment. Many laptops use the sound card of the company Realtek. Download for these devices can be made from the website
Download the installer and run it. The app will automatically detect the model of your sound card and integrates into the system the files you need.
There are also universal programs, automatically searching the correct drivers. Install the application Driver Pack Solution and run it. Wait until the program detect devices requiring driver installation.
Select the checkboxes of sets pertaining to the sound card. Click "Install". Restart the notebook.