More recently, all infants were discharged in a blanket tied with ribbon. Now it all depends on your desires and material possibilities.
The baby was not cold, for childrenborn in late autumn or winter, prefer swaddling. To do this, prepare two undershirts - thin (cotton, coarse calico) and heavy flannel. Be sure to take a disposable diaper is a diaper, a bonnet, socks, two diaper - thin and flannel.
For kids born in the late spring, summer or early fall use suits. Costumes for babies as well pick depending on the weather. In the warmer months you can stay for a suit with cotton in the cool days outerwear use a tight suit made of wool, fleece or velour. Clothes for kids purchase natural fabrics.
Outerwear pick, given the time of year. For the cold period will stop for a warm woollen blanket or on the envelope with fur, don't forget a warm hat. To buy a beautiful Comforter duvet cover or a corner, they will add elegance set for release. Take a pink or a blue ribbon or a special pin. For fall and spring, select between the envelope on the padding polyester, jumpsuit and blanket.
A set of clothes for newborn prepare in advance, clothes wash, stroke on two sides, fold in one package.