First of all, note that for a newborn you need to buy clothes only from natural fabrics. Pay attention to clasps and zippers, be careful that they do not hurt baby's delicate skin.
In the winter with a newborn is better to walk only at temperatures below -10C. Dressing baby needs a vest, baby Romper, warm jacket, warm socks, two beanies – thin and warm, wool. Blankets must also be two - light and warm cotton or wool. The child should be wrapped and tied the blanket strips so that it does not swing open. Very useful fur envelope for wheelchairs, but if not, place in a warm stroller changing Mat and top cover with a very light plaid.
Very convenient instead of quilts to use envelope – overalls with a hood, which you can buy at the store or make yourself. Fabric should be warm to the undercoat – wadding or batting (fur). Dress your baby up as described above, if necessary (depending on the temperature outside), wrap in a light blanket, and then put it in an envelope. The hood is worn over a warm hat.
Dressing a newborn at any other time of year, try to choose clothes in accordance with the temperature. For example, if the window is +25C and above, you can dress baby easily in the sliders and lightweight Onesie. Cap will be needed only in windy weather. If the temperature is below +25 - +20C - cap is required, you will need a thin blanket or a light jacket.
To understand the comfortable life of the baby, touch his neck – it should be warm and dry. Nose can be cool, even if the baby is not cold. If the kid on the street crying and can't sleep, maybe he is uncomfortable and should wear it differently. Remember that the main criterion for proper selection of clothes is the fact that the kid on the street is fast asleep, and when you strip his house, his skin dry.