Advice 1: How to wrap a newborn in a blanket

Blankets to wrap newborns do not lose their relevance even today, when the sale is a large selection of envelopes and overalls. After all, not every family can afford to purchase an envelope which will be small after a couple of months. Blanket, unlike these new-fangled items you can use much longer and to cover their kid is not only walking, but also at home. However, not everyone knows how to choose this product and wrap it in a newborn.
How to wrap a newborn in a blanket
You will need
  • Blanket, tape, changing table
First, select the blanket. The material from which it is made, is to choose, based on the time of year when the baby is born and the climate where you live. Comfortable temperature for a newborn, dressed in a cotton knit, created in a light woolen blanket or Afghan at a temperature of 20 degrees. On an autumn walk it is necessary to acquire a more dense wool, feather or synthetic duvet. It is best if it is easy then to wrap a child into it will be easier. If the child winter warm cotton blankets do not. In extreme cold, the baby may be advanced to cover the down blanket.
By choosing the blanket, pick him the ribbon, which you tie it to. The custom to wrap newborn bright ribbon - christening belt - came to us from ancient Rus and wore a magical sense. And color ribbons blue for boys and red for girls was introduced by the tsarist Romanov family. Band ligation should be broad, not slippery, otherwise it will come loose, and long enough to be able to tie a lush bow.
Now wrap the baby in a blanket. On the changing table, put the tape so that on both sides there were ends of equal length. On top of the tape to lay out a blanket one of the corners upstairs. Blanket rolling out a diaper area with lace, which should coincide with the upper corner of the blanket. The child in the diaper, put the head into the top corner of the blanket. Put it so that after you wrap the baby, socks, diapers could cover his face. The blanket first, tuck the legs the bottom corner, then right and left. Do not push too tight, but don't loosen much. Wrapping the newborn, tie a bundle of the prepared ribbon. If it's cold outside, on top of the lace area you can close a child's face and the free edge of the blanket. You can go for a walk.
Looking at the variety of children's products, decide for yourself – for what specific goals you intend to purchase a blanket. If you want to choose a blanket for a newborn directly for discharge from the hospital, the decisive factor may well be the appearance and not the degree of its warmth. It is clear that it is not very practical: need to buy things that you will use only fifteen minutes.
Useful advice
But when you buy blankets for the newborn, parents need to know a few rules. First, it should be warm and at the same time easy, and secondly, it should be of hypoallergenic material, so as not to provoke the baby has allergies. Cotton quilts, of course, warm, but very heavy for a newborn. Under a blanket so the baby is likely to sleep badly. It is best to choose a blanket filled with padding polyester, hollofayber or komforel.

Advice 2 : How to swaddle a newborn in a blanket

Moms and pediatricians often argue about swaddling babies. Some believe that for the proper development of their kids calf must be freedom, others believe that tight wrapping in swaddling gives the baby the opportunity to sleep. However, few would argue against the use of blankets to wrap baby in it, you can be sure that it will not freeze. And at home a thin and soft blanket will be useful.
How to swaddle a newborn in a blanket
You will need
  • - flannelette duvet or blanket;
  • the duvet cover;
  • tape;
  • anatomical blanket.
Select the appropriate blanket for swaddling. The house is convenient to use a thin knit or flannelette models. They're perfect for a summer stroll. In the cold season need warm duvets or woolen blankets. For reasons of hygiene pass them in a cotton duvet.
It is most convenient to wrap the baby, "envelope" - then a free area blankets you can use to cover his face. Dress baby according to weather or wrap it in a thin and warm diaper. On the head can wear a cap or hat.
Lay the blanket on a flat surface. On top of it you can lay a thin diaper. Place your child in the middle so that one corner was over his head. Bottom corner tuck, cover up them legs. Straighten your arms baby and tightly wrap his body in the right side of the blanket neatly with tucked and straightened the edge. Keep formed folds that can interfere with the baby.
The left edge straighten, stretch and cross it to the right, making sure it is completely off the right edge and tucked the bottom corner of the blanket. If you swaddle the baby too loosely, the blanket can be deployed. Area left edge tuck inside the folds. For reliability package with a baby lock durable ribbon and tie it in a bow.
The latest novelty in swaddling – soft knitted blanket-blanket anatomical shape. Such a thing can be bought in a specialty store, and sew it yourself very easy. The advantage of this diaper to the full freedom of the legs of the baby – it can freely move them, but never unwrap the blanket on their own and will not freeze.
To correctly wrap the baby in anatomical quilt very easily – in this case parcel will look nice and neat. Lay the blanket on the changing table or other horizontal surface. Place baby in the center of the design. Inner "petals" alternately tuck the diaper under baby's body, putting them on top of the rectified pens.
Tuck the baby's legs free in a special pocket located at the bottom of the quilt. The right edge of the diaper wrap around the body of the child, left a little primamerica and also tightly wrap around the resulting convolution. Straighten the folds. The baby wrapped up securely, and the design does not require additional fixation in the form of pins or tapes.
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