The neonatal period is short – only one month. At this time, the child is just adjusting to the outside world and you need to ensure the most comfortable conditions both at home and on the street.
Traditionally it is recommended to dress baby as you would put yourself plus one layer of clothing. But this statement is rather General and does not take into account individual characteristics of the child. If he was born prematurely, is weak, you may need to dress warmer than big and strong baby.
The question of clothing a newborn is decided depending on your relationship to the fold. If you prefer a loose fitting diaper, dressing the baby outside, use them in various combinations with the blanket or envelope for newborns. In particular, at temperatures above +20 wrap baby in a thin and knitted diapers, from +10 to +20 in thin flannel (knitted) diapers, and envelope (blanket). Of course, the head of a newborn in need of the beanie in warm weather, you can do flannel or knit, and cool to complement the wool.
If you prefer clothes that do not restrict the child's movements, use the following guidelines appropriate to different air temperature on the street. May the weather is changeable, so consider all the options.
At temperatures from 0 to +10 put it on baby's bodysuit or blouse with long sleeves, sliders, scratchy, knitted beanie, Terry socks, track suit, woolen hat, warm overalls or envelope.
At a temperature of from +10 to +20 combination of clothes would be the following: a bodysuit or a blouse with short sleeves, scratchy, thin cotton overalls, knitted cap, plush socks, plush or woolen jumpsuit, if necessary, warm overalls or envelope.
If the street is above +20, put a newborn easier: bodysuit or blouse with short sleeves, scratchy, thin cotton overalls, knitted beanie, socks.
Please note that when you carry the baby in her arms, hugging her, he gets your body warm and will not freeze. If you take him in the stroller, bring a baby blanket, if necessary, to cover the baby.