Focus on the ambient temperature. If the baby is at home, at 23 ° and above it is enough to put him in a cotton t-shirt and Romper. If around 20-23°, on top of the shirt should wear more flannel vest, and on his feet on top of the sliders – thin socks. At a temperature of 18 to 20oC instead of flannel undershirts are better to wear with a thin knitted suit with long sleeves. Instead wear cotton socks baby wool. Well, if the house is cool enough (temperature below -18 ºc), on top of a thin knit suit, wear wool or wool blend suit.
When you are preparing to take the baby for a walk in the summer, in hot weather (over 25 ° C) is enough to put him in cotton underwear and a light cap or a hat to protect from sunlight. If the temperature of 22 to 24C, add a thin cotton Onesie Romper; if from 20 to 22oC, it will not hurt to wear a thin knit suit with long sleeves and thin socks.
In the cooler season (spring, fall) dress your child in the following way: if around 16 -18 ° C, on top of summer clothes for wear lightweight wool or wool blend. Headpiece replace the more dense, for example, a knit cap. If the temperature is 14-16оС, put the child wool beanie and wool (wool blend) socks. At a temperature of from 10 to 14 ° C add to this clothing Romper autumn. Well, at 0-8ºc needed another layer of clothing under jumpsuit: warm tights and a sweater. Wear also the child's extra pair of wool socks, and under a dense wool blend cap – light cap.
In winter, additionally wrap the baby in a blanket and frequently check his nose. At temperatures below -20oC walk on the street with a newborn is not recommended.