For the baby the main thing - eat and sleep. And feel warm ass dry and comfortable. To avoid confusion, get familiar with all consistent and don't fall for sellers of children's products.If you're okay with milk, then bottles and nipples to you for the first time is not needed. You can buy a pacifier, because her child goes to sleep easier. Note, however, that the dummy is one of the reasons of refusal of the breast and lack of milk.If breastfeeding has any problems, you will need to purchase bottles, nipples, food to feed newborns. The optimal volume of bottles 250 ml and is sufficient for one piece. Select pacifier 0 + months (on the label should be written 0+) with small flow of liquid.Don't buy a spare thermos, heaters, sterilizers. If you really need, then buy later. Practice shows that in 85% of these assistants moms is not needed.Bathing is a complex process, especially for the newborn baby. He can't even sit, so water treatment is very difficult. Buy a small tub and waterslide for swimming and water thermometer. Optimal water for bathing the child 37 o C. Also, you will need: a towel, powder, or cream, shampoo, "from head to toe". For a newborn child need more Zelenka and hydrogen peroxide for processing pupochka.Sleep. A newborn baby spends in sleep most of the day. To provide it's not hard. Undoubtedly, you should buy bed, bedroom child set, Mat. Children are very pleased with the mobile toys, which are spinning over the bed to the music.If you prefer diapers, buy a No. 1 or No. 2, depending on the weight of the child. To start, take a small pack to see if the kid has an allergic reaction. If you plan to swaddle the old-fashioned way, your house should be an unlimited amount of diapers.As for the things not to buy everything in the store. Much you will give relatives and friends. Buy a couple of bodysuits, Romper and overalls, and a cap or hat for the street.Walk. Undoubtedly, without a wheelchair can not do. Purchase the same set in the stroller with a blanket. For travel in the car you will need car seat. Many moms use for walking or Hiking in the clinic slings. A first aid kit. It should be brilliant green and hydrogen peroxide, as mentioned above, antipyretic and analgesic action on the advice of the pediatrician, and also a remedy for colic in the tummy. However, all of the children's Cabinet will tell you your local pediatrician.Toys-rattles buy later as and when needs. The newborn child is not yet necessary.