Advice 1: What you need to buy for a newborn

The newborn first-born is stressful for mom. Don't know what things to buy and in what quantity. It is not necessary to buy everything at once, buy only what you need.
What you need to buy for a newborn
For the baby the main thing - eat and sleep. And feel warm ass dry and comfortable. To avoid confusion, get familiar with all consistent and don't fall for sellers of children's products.If you're okay with milk, then bottles and nipples to you for the first time is not needed. You can buy a pacifier, because her child goes to sleep easier. Note, however, that the dummy is one of the reasons of refusal of the breast and lack of milk.If breastfeeding has any problems, you will need to purchase bottles, nipples, food to feed newborns. The optimal volume of bottles 250 ml and is sufficient for one piece. Select pacifier 0 + months (on the label should be written 0+) with small flow of liquid.Don't buy a spare thermos, heaters, sterilizers. If you really need, then buy later. Practice shows that in 85% of these assistants moms is not needed.Bathing is a complex process, especially for the newborn baby. He can't even sit, so water treatment is very difficult. Buy a small tub and waterslide for swimming and water thermometer. Optimal water for bathing the child 37 o C. Also, you will need: a towel, powder, or cream, shampoo, "from head to toe". For a newborn child need more Zelenka and hydrogen peroxide for processing pupochka.Sleep. A newborn baby spends in sleep most of the day. To provide it's not hard. Undoubtedly, you should buy bed, bedroom child set, Mat. Children are very pleased with the mobile toys, which are spinning over the bed to the music.If you prefer diapers, buy a No. 1 or No. 2, depending on the weight of the child. To start, take a small pack to see if the kid has an allergic reaction. If you plan to swaddle the old-fashioned way, your house should be an unlimited amount of diapers.As for the things not to buy everything in the store. Much you will give relatives and friends. Buy a couple of bodysuits, Romper and overalls, and a cap or hat for the street.Walk. Undoubtedly, without a wheelchair can not do. Purchase the same set in the stroller with a blanket. For travel in the car you will need car seat. Many moms use for walking or Hiking in the clinic slings. A first aid kit. It should be brilliant green and hydrogen peroxide, as mentioned above, antipyretic and analgesic action on the advice of the pediatrician, and also a remedy for colic in the tummy. However, all of the children's Cabinet will tell you your local pediatrician.Toys-rattles buy later as and when needs. The newborn child is not yet necessary.

Advice 2: What size clothes to buy a newborn

Moms and dads and young parents often wonder about clothing what size you need to buy the newborn. The size of the vests, pants, sliders need to pick up with the growth of the baby.
What size clothes to buy a newborn
If you need to buy clothes for a newborn, focuses primarily on the growth of the baby. Some parents buy everything you need in advance and choose the clothes of the smallest size. You should not do that. In advance, purchase only the Essentials, preferring clothing that is designed for the average parameters of newborns.
On most models, vests, pants, jumpsuits and other clothes for kids is marked with size, which means the growth of the child. The smallest size is 52. It is necessary only in very rare cases. For example, the clothes of this size will be suitable for infants who were born premature or very tiny babies. Their growth at birth, as a rule, is not more than 50 centimeters.
If the growth of the baby at birth was 52-54 cm buy for him for the first time clothing size 56. Don't buy too much. Remember that in the first months of life the baby is growing very fast. After 1-2 months of wear he will be small and you will have to buy blouses, pants, overalls a size larger.
If the baby was born large, and growth at discharge was 57 centimeters or more, choose clothes 62 size. She will have a newborn fit. When the baby is a little older, he'll need clothes 74 size.
In the selection of jackets and vests pay attention not only on length but also on other parameters. For example, well-fed baby does not get too narrow in the model. Choosing hats and bonnets, focus on the value of the circumference of the baby head.
The clothes produced in certain countries, is marked indicating the age of the baby who will approach a particular product. For a newborn get clothes for children from 0 to 3 months.
Buy warm clothes to grow into. Demi-season or winter overalls-transformers for newborns, for example, have a uniform size. They can be worn from birth until the baby growth is 86 cm.
In modern shops presents a very wide range of goods for kids. If you want to pick up something in advance, you can find in the store suitable things, and after the baby is born to buy them using data on height and weight of the newborn.
Useful advice
If the size value specified on the label, you do not understand, use a special table, which reflects the compliance dimension series taken in different countries. Such a table can be found on the Internet.

Advice 3: How to choose items for a newborn

The birth of a baby is always a joy. And of course, young parents prepare for such an important event as the birth of a child with special care. You need to foresee all, to buy all necessary things for a newborn.
How to choose items for a newborn

The basic rules of selection of things for baby

Buying clothes for a newborn, it is important to consider that the skin of the kid very thin and gentle, therefore it will not fit undershirts and Romper with inner seams, especially if the seams are rough. It is better to choose those things, the seams of which are located on the front side.

When choosing clothes for your child, do not try to buy from a lot of things. Children grow fast and baby clothes should be matched in size, it is in any case should not squeeze the body of the child and hamper his movements. Therefore it is best to buy things gradually as the baby grows and develops.

Pay special attention to the quality of the materials from which manufactured items for the newborn. Try to buy clothes made from natural fabrics, because synthetic materials bad leak air, and leather scraps need to "breathe". It is not necessary to buy things, full of different rubber bands and ties. Clothing should not cause the baby discomfort, and therefore, the easier it will be cut sliders and raspashonok, the better for the child.

Things needed in the first months of life

The baby, besides diapers and diapers, you will need a whole list of things. So before you go shopping, think carefully about this list, because in such a matter as the choice of items for a newborn, there are no trifles.

Buying sliders, stop your choice on those models which have straps that buttoned at the top. The sliders on the elastic band is not suitable for a newborn baby, worth buying for older children.

Making a list of things to buy for baby, to include such a thing as the body. The fact is that most kids don't like when they change, the diaper change turns to parents. Putting the child body, buttoned at the bottom, you will be able to quickly change a diaper, causing the baby much discomfort.

Booties in the first months of life can be useful only as a "heater" for little feet. For babies it is better to take soft, like socks, booties. As for the socks, by the year, they will be needed in large numbers, and for a newborn is enough to have two pairs of socks with soft elastic band, do not squeeze the legs.

Vests it is better to choose the ones that fasten on the shoulders, without causing the baby discomfort. These vests are very easy to put on and off. It would be just great if you buy a few vests with a jotted sleeves ("scratchy"). However, don't constantly put on a little blouse, because the child must learn to comprehend the world, and with closed palms fabric to do this it will be much harder. Undershirts with "scratchy" it is better to wear, putting the baby to sleep.

As for the caps, they are needed only in the first two months of baby's life, so don't stock up on them for future use. Buy caps from natural fabrics and careful stitching on them were located on the front side.

Advice 4: What to buy a newborn

Pregnancy is always the most pleasant period in a woman's life. In the end she will meet her baby, who for so long nurtured and waited. But to his appearance need to prepare in advance, because you never know when he will decide to be born. A lot to buy for the birth, and the shopping lists and sometimes I put on young mothers to a standstill. Because baby I want to choose all the best, but it does not hit hard on the family budget.
What to buy a newborn
Necessary furniture:
- one double bed for the parents (if it's not you). This is perhaps the most important of purchases. Mom is much more convenient if the baby sleeps all night next. You do not need to jump up in the night to the crib at every peep. And feed in the parental bed more comfortable than sitting on a couch or chair;
- baby cot will be needed later when you decide that it's time for the child to separate from parents. Immediately after birth she needs to be if the Pope against the joint of sleep. Also it is often used as the "arena" for the grown-up child;
- the mattress in the crib and waterproof mattress cover on it. Children's mattress should be rigid on one side (up to 6 months) and softer orthopedic;
- changing table or Board. It is a convenient device for you to be able to disguise the child, not bending low over the bed. It is also convenient to massage the baby. Often changing tables come with drawers where you can store all the things, diapers and cosmetics from a baby;
- the stroller is needed if you decide not to use a sling or ergo baby carriers from birth. Often in the stroller the child sleeps better because of motion sickness. It is possible to leave the sleeping child on the balcony or in the yard of a private house;
- car seat need if you have a car. This device will protect your baby while driving in the car. Do not neglect this purchase;
- baby bathtub will need the first day home. It is convenient to bathe a very young child, up to 7-8 months. Grown-up kid already can be transplanted into an adult tub;
- humidifier. Undoubtedly a good instrument for both the adult organism and the newborn.
Children's clothing
Do not get involved in purchasing small sizes. Kids tend to grow quickly, so all the clothes can become small. The first time a mother swaddled the child, then the sliders and undershirts worth buying slightly larger. Before birth want to buy:
- thin diapers, 10-12 pieces;
- flannel diaper, items 6-7;
- bodysuits, undershirts and sliders, about 3 pieces. All of these things you can change to a more modern and comfortable clothing – slips (solid jumpsuits). They will not be disclosed in the belt will not fall off or climb on the chest. And better if they are on buttons, not buttons or ties.
warm and thin socks, 2-3 pairs;
- warm or thin cap\cap depending on the time of year;
envelope or overalls in the stroller, too, depending on the time of year (quilted or fur);
- warm overalls. You can choose fleece or Terry, both of the material is very soft and warm;
baby sling suitable from birth. Later, you can buy a may-sling or ergo backpack. These convenient carrying, the child is always there with a warm mother;
- the rest of the knit. This includes a couple of bedding sets in a baby bed, a large towel with the area after a swim and a blanket (flannel or wool).
Means to care for a baby you will need:
-herbs for bathing: chamomile,. Later, the pediatrician will still prescribe any herbs;
- baby soap or a special shampoo from birth;
- diaper cream;
- diapers small size;
- wet wipes;
- cotton pads and cotton swabs with limiter;
- scissors with rounded edges so you don't accidentally hurt the baby fingers;
hydrogen peroxide to treat the navel
- ranozazivluschee powder (e.g., since, for some),it is also suitable for the treatment of the navel;
e - mail or regular thermometer. The first option is more convenient because it quickly measures temperature;
thermometer in the tub. You should not rely on their hands, the water temperature for a newborn should not exceed 37°;
- my. The baby in the first month mucus, it is removed, the child breathed easier;
Additional, but not compulsory purchase, you can add:
night light not to turn on the light at night;
slide for swimming;
- musical mobile. Attention the child will pay only after a month of living;
- a baby monitor or nanny Cam. They are needed if your house is large and you often leave the baby alone to sleep;
powder for baby clothes or baby soap;
- pharmaceutical products: an antihistamine (Suprastin), remedy for cramps (SAB-Simplex, Espumizan), saline solution for nose;
- bumpers in the crib and the canopy;
If your child is on artificial feeding, you will have to buy to this list some more items. This:
- a few bottles of different volume;
- nipples to the bottle;
sterilizer baby bottles;
- cool bags;
- a brush for washing of bottles;
- properly selected mixture;
- dummy.
Useful advice
Start to choose the dowry in advance so had time to look at all the range and choose exactly what you like.

Advice 5: When buying things for a newborn

The superstition that things need to buy just after his birth, appeared in ancient times. While not every birth ends happily, so moms trying once again not to draw attention to myself, fearing the influence of evil spirits.
When buying things for a newborn
Modern women are less likely to follow this belief and strive to prepare for the birth of the baby to the maximum. First, it is much quieter when baby clothes washed, ironed and neatly on the shelves. Second, the future Pope will not need to run to the shops armed with a list, while his family is in the hospital. Finally, the likelihood of conflict due to the fact that my mom did not like dad bought things.
Not worth buying a dowry for the baby right after you see two cherished strips on the test. Refrain from buying until at least the mid-term. The first trimester is the most dangerous period in the development of the fetus, it is better to experience it in a relaxed atmosphere without unnecessary cause for stress. If it is absolutely impossible to refrain from shopping, make a list of needed items, decide on models and colors, read reviews and plan your child's.
In the second trimester of pregnancy in most cases, parents already know the gender of your baby. The right time to think about purchase large items: strollers, Cribs, car seats, changing table, etc. no One is forcing you to buy it all in the first days of shopping. Visit several different stores, practices, compare the options, test the stroller for maneuverability and ease of riding, study the data on crash tests when choosing a chair. If the fears of superstition haunt you, know that it is impossible to keep the crib and the stroller is empty. Put them toys and be quiet.
Since the third trimester, the baby's development enters its final stage. Worries about the health of the child are replaced by worries about whether all things are included in the shopping list, will there be enough time to settle children, etc. Purchase a mattress, bedding and linen. From the first days, you will need bathing facilities: bath, water thermometer, tools for washing, baby soap, soft towel. Stock up on hygiene products: wet wipes, diapers for newborns (don't forget to buy a small pack in the hospital), oilcloth and diapers. Of children's cosmetics purchase diaper rash cream, body lotion, cotton buds and disks, as well as washing powder, dishwashing detergent or baking soda. Assemble a baby first aid kit, let there be Essentials: fever medicines, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, anti-colic, pipettes, thermometer, aspirator for the nose, herbs for bathing.
Buy bottles anticlockwise valves, a couple of pacifiers for children from birth, rattles and mobile on the crib. For the first few months of clothes will be enough for 4-5 bodies, slips or vests, same sliders, 2 bonnets, 2 pairs of socks, mittens-scratchy. To exit to the street will buy a warm suit, booties and a cap. Choosing clothes, take the measurement starting from 52-56. Don't take too much, children grow very fast. Besides relatives and friends will likely give you a few sets.

Advice 6: Blanket for newborn - what should it be?

Quality sleep is very important for psycho-physiological state of the baby. It helps him to develop, to grow faster, be healthier. Sleep largely depends on correctly selected bedding. To buy a baby blanket for a newborn is not easy, since such products are presented today in a huge variety.

There is a blanket for a newborn?

Today the market offers a variety of baby blankets for the newborn, various, both in color and material from which they were made, and even in form. Duvets are very popular, as eco-friendly, incredibly easy, made exclusively from natural materials, perfectly "breathe" and warm. But there are drawbacks – syreyut very quickly and require regular dry may cause allergies in children.

Cotton blankets are made from wool does not cause allergies, to retain the heat. However, they are too heavy, strongly absorb odors and moisture, over time, gather in clumps.

Blankets absorb moisture, but from the first two it quickly weathered, remain dry, are made of natural materials, warm, breathable. There are knitted, woven and quilted.

Fur baby blanket in the crib of the newborn is usually not placed. It is used for sheltering child during a winter walk.

Synthetic blankets are the most affordable. They are airy, hypoallergenic, hold heat well and do not require special care. They can be easily washed both by hand or on a typewriter.

Flannelette blanket – soft, gentle, no irritation to baby skin, incredibly comfortable. Made of 100% cotton. Suitable for summer.

Blanket fleece is hypoallergenic, does not overheat the baby's skin, keeps the desired temperature. Thin enough.

Modern quilt for a newborn transformer made according to the principle "2 in 1" can quickly be converted from a regular blanket in an envelope. It will be useful not only at home but also for walks with the baby. Can be made of various natural materials.

Requirements for children's quilts

When choosing a Comforter you need to focus on the season. So, the first 5 types of data products, discussed just above, perfect for cold autumn and winter weather, the other for warm summer and spring. In addition, you must pay attention to the blankets according to requirements such as: good performance of heat; the ability to transmit air; a hygroscopicity (the product in the evaporation of moisture must maintain a warm temperature); ease; hygiene.

Additionally, a blanket for a newborn should be easy to fade, do not require special care, to be incapable of deformation to be easy to use. It is still very important to take into account such factors as natural materials, of which was made the blanket. It must be very high quality. Otherwise the baby's skin will appear irritation. Is available from 2 duvets (winter and summer). Even better, just a few so they have enough for all occasions.

Right size of baby blanket

The most common size blanket for a newborn is one 120х90 see But if you want you can find and use articles of other sizes, for example, 110х140 see When you select guided, the size of the cot is what duvet covers you have, etc.

If you take into account these recommendations, you will understand what should be the blanket for a newborn and can easily choose the best for your child.
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