Put on a clean baby diaper. Put the vest on covered with oilcloth and diapers the table back down. Open shelves to the sides and lay the baby on a Onesie. Grab the right handle of the child , and gently insert into the sleeve. Then, holding the baby under the head and shoulders, lift it up and slide the rear portion of the sheet to the back. Thread the second handle to the sleeve.
Second method: lay the baby on the diaper, pull the handle into the sleeve, turn the baby sideways in the direction of "dressed" pen, stick out your vest, wrap back. Then again, return of the baby in the supine position and pull the second handle to the sleeve.
Smell the Onesie on the tummy of a newborn to a longer shelf on top was short. Thus the stomach of the baby is closed. Now you can swaddle your baby's tiny feet and wear a warm jacket.
Try to dress your child quickly and confidently — children do not like unnecessary fuss and shaky hands. Over time, you will be able to do it deftly. Gently talk to the child while dressing, if he's going to cry.
Note the Moro reflex, which is characteristic for newborns and babies up to 4-5 months. Your toddler will dramatically stretch the handles in hand, if you are too disturbed or too quickly overturned. Try your hands always give him a sense of support.
Remember that before first use, wash the Onesie with the use of soap powder or baby detergent since birth. Iron it on both sides with a hot iron.
Choose vests in bright colors. The most practical option — white vests. They are resistant to washing at high temperatures. Also, white hides dirt better and staleness and excessive hygiene in the care of a newborn won't hurt.