The first thing you need to think about starting to quilt-envelope, - what time of year the baby will first be released to the street from the hospital. If in the summer, the blanket should not be too warm, or the temperature changes, the baby can catch pneumonia, if in the autumn or spring, the envelope it is best to sew from fleece and batting, if in winter, you can not do without a thick layer of synthetic padding or fluff-like material layer. In addition, to the inner surface of the blanket you need to select a delicate natural fabric that breathes and does not cause irritation - cotton, chintz, calico. Can the old fashioned way to tie a quilt ribbons, but they slide and fall, so modern envelopes, usually equipped with any clasp. It can be elastic, ribbons ties, hooks, or Velcro.
A blanket you can sew a square or round shape. If you have chosen a square cut out of it with a side of not less than 90 centimeters, especially if the envelope of the winter. Alternately, cut out the squares of all the layers and fold them together. Expand the square acute angle to the top, there will be a baby's head. Here it is necessary to measure out from the corner of 30 inches, to hold the line and cut the corner. Sew this edge to the intersection with old sides of the square and paste dress with elastic band. Thus the envelope will be fine to fit the child's head, protecting it from the cold or wind.
Layers are best protegat on the machine. Then sew the edge. It can be decorated with lace. The bottom edge will close the legs, tummy and chest of the baby. And the sidewall will not only close the child, but also to fix its position in the envelope. On the edge of each side you have to sew the fastener tape, Velcro or hook. The preferred Velcro as it allows the fastest way to swaddle the baby. Further from the left edge, you need to retreat about twenty centimeters and a steam room to sew the zipper on the inner side, and on the right corner of the envelope the same clips, only with external parties for good fixation of the child.

Similarly sewn envelope round shape, it is even more easier to swaddle the baby, so don't have to think about where and how to tuck the protruding corners.