Bandage for pregnant women: date wear

Often to wear a bandage starting on the fourth month of pregnancy solely for the purpose against stretch marks. But on a 8-9 month it is already highly recommended by gynaecologists. However, there are no clear regulations in what month should start to wear a bandage. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the pregnant woman. One of his advice to use before, others, on the contrary, later.
Weakened abdominal muscles are often in repeated pregnancy or multiple pregnancy.

In the early stages bandage is recommended to wear if you:
- lead an active lifestyle and most of the time spend on the feet;
have weakened abdominal muscles;
- have a predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks;
- have diseases such as osteochondrosis, varicose veins or obstetric pathology;
- have a risk of preterm birth.

Bandage for pregnant women: the terms of use

To avoid problems associated with wearing the brace you should remember a few rules.

The maximum time a bandage is worn for 2-3 hours, then it is necessary to make a break for 40-50 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to wear the brace 24 hours a day, except if you are prescribed them for medical reasons.

The bandage must be tightened so that it squeezed the abdominal cavity, but rather maintained the stomach.

In any position pregnant should not feel discomfort from the bandage, he is obliged to perform the function of relief. Otherwise, you should consult with your doctor.

Types of bandages for pregnant women

Today there is a vast selection of tires.
Combo bandage - ideal for women suffering from back pain and lower back pain.

Here are the most popular types:

Bandage-pants – have a special box that grows with the tummy, also they have thought out the bottom fastener, eliminates the problem associated with trips to the ladies room.

Bandage-short – almost the same design as the bandage-pants, but a more insulated option.

Bandage-belt – thanks to a special adjustable clasp secures the correct position of the uterus.

A combined brace - this device can be worn not only during pregnancy but in the postpartum period.

Remember: before you start to use the bandage, it's better to consult with your gynecologist.