You will need
  • - small Phillips screwdriver;
  • - a plastic card.
Carefully inspect the enclosure panel for the presence of bolts, also check the battery compartment, if there are any fasteners, remove them using a small Phillips screwdriver of the correct size. Next, make sure that the housing wall is not bonded with glue. Push the panel body of Samsung on the sides, then fit the side of a plastic card and spend it on the perimeter of the device so as not to damage the edge of the remote control.
Open the cover panel and Unscrew the chip. Disconnect it from the spring to the battery compartment, remove the button from the front panel by pushing them from the outside. Clean the keypad with alcohol in order to avoid problems with depression. If you found a burnt chip device, better buy new instead of replace the faulty Board. Do not disconnect the sensor from the chip.
If the housing of the remote control glued at the edges, use a flat screwdriver or non-sharp butter knife to open it. Install the remote controller in a horizontal position, insert the screwdriver at the junction of the walls of the shell, then flip the hand on the handle of the device. When the shell to open slightly, pry it with a knife or screwdriver and slide around the perimeter of the device. Then use the glue to assemble the remote control.
To disassemble control panel with touch control, follow with an appropriate size screwdriver, but beyond that, also disconnect another sensor, usually located above the keyboard. Also be careful when removing the screen be careful not to damage the connecting cables. It is best in this case for repair contact the experts.