Advice 1: How to make payments for vacation

Compensation for vacation is paid in case of dismissal under article 127 of the labour code. Also compensation for the leave can be issued at the request of the employee for a period which exceeds 28 calendar days. Where's the law 28 days annual vacationand compensation pay is illegal, this is indicated in the article No. 126 of the labour code, although in practice is very different. Also, compensation for unused vacation can make the relatives of the deceased employee in accordance with article No. 141 of the labour code.
How to make payments for vacation
You will need
  • -a statement of the employee or relatives of deceased employee
  • -order form number T-8
  • -calculation-note form T-61
  • -the entry in the schedule of vacations and a personal card of form T-2
Compensation for vacation is paid from the calculation of average daily earnings in the 12 months. The procedure for calculation and charging of average earnings is governed by article No. 139 of the labour code.
Compensation should be documented in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation.
The employee must write a statement about compensation for the leaveexceeding 28 calendar days. In a statement to specify the number of days vacationand he wants to receive monetary compensation and with what date, month and year it is necessary to replace the annual leave cash payouts. The application must be submitted for signature to the Director. Moreover, the Manager decides to substitute a part of vacationas cash payments or not.
Some categories of employees cannot be replaced even part of the vacationand monetary compensation. These include: persons working in arduous and harmful conditions; pregnant women; employees under 18 years old. They should make full use of annual leave and can't be brought to work during it, or to receive monetary compensation.
If compensation for holidays want to close relatives of the deceased employee, they must apply to the company to compensation payments and loss of current wages.
From employee, compensation for unused days of vacationand is made on the basis of statements about the dismissal.
In all cases of compensation, the employer shall order the unified form T-8. The order shall indicate the name of the employee, the basis of the order and paying for it. With the order of the employee introduce under the bill.
Then, a calculation-note the unified form T-61. This document prepares the HR person, and the back side is filled by the accountant of the enterprise.
As an employee of the personnel Department is obliged to make the information in the schedule of vacations and personal pages of form T-2.

Advice 2 : How can I receive compensation for unused vacation

In accordance with article 126 of the Labor code, each employee can receive monetary compensation in lieu of annual paid vacation. It should be noted that according to the law, the replacement can be made only of that part of holidaywhich exceeds the basic annual leave. But in order to put the rest in cash, you must execute a number of documents, and also learn how to calculate compensation.
How can I receive compensation for unused vacation
First of all you should write the application addressed to the head of the organization with a request to replace the entire vacation whether it is part of the cash compensation. This document may be of arbitrary shape, as long as he had information such as your name, position, name of organization and Department.
In the document specify the number of days of leavethat you want to replace monetary compensation. This number learn in the accounting Department of the organization or do the math yourself. Sign the application.
Then register it in the record book of incoming correspondence (usually located at the Secretary). Give the document for examination to the head of the organization. If the answer is affirmative, the employer apply to the accounting Department for subsequent calculation of monetary compensation. After receiving the amount, the Director will issue an order, and then give it to the acquaintance to you.
Carefully read the administrative document. Check put the size of the monetary compensation. Calculate it yourself or ask for calculation in the accounting Department. If all details are correct, sign the form and give it to the supervisor for subsequent processing of the payment.
If you want to calculate the payment amount yourself, you must count all the days that you put in an additional vacation. Suppose you work in the far North. You get an extra vacation. In the first place the average daily wage, then the number of additional days of vacation , multiply this number. The resulting amount will be compensated.
If you are a pregnant woman or minor employee, the replacement of holiday with monetary compensation is impossible.
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