Advice 1: How to enable laptop numeric keypad

On a full-sized standard keyboards the keys are divided into separate sections. The rightmost section contains keys to the keypad, which is also often called digital. In portable computers to conserve space this section or in an abridged version combined with the main keyboard, or even eliminated, and its functions assigned to other buttons. In laptop computers how to enable the numeric keypad is not so obvious.
How to enable laptop numeric keypad
Try the most standard option - look for a button on the keyboard labeled Num Lock. As a rule, it is placed in the upper left position of the group of keys on the numeric keypad. Pressing should lead to the inclusion of this group, if the NumLock was not on fire, but otherwise its pushing the opposite disables the numeric keypad. If your laptop model such a key is not provided, then proceed to the next step.
Check if it includes a numeric keypad pressing the key combination fn + f11. Usually this combination is used on the portable computers, in which there is no separate group of keys. On their keyboards these buttons combined with the keys of the letters in the main group. Such "multi-purpose" button will cause the additional symbols, distinguished by their color markings from the main keyboard. Instead of the key f11 to turn on and off numeric keys can be used some other key functional series.
There is another non-standard way to turn on the digital keyboard for those occasions when you find the right method you can not use the on-screen keyboard. This program from the standard set of Windows applications invoked on the screen from the main menu, so open it and go to "All programs." In this section you will enter the subsection "Standard", then in the section "Special features" and select it, on-Screen keyboard. You can do without the main menu - press the win button and r then type the command osk and press enter. In the opened interface, locate the key marked with the letters nlk, and click it with the mouse - numeric keypad will be activated.

Advice 2 : How to turn on the laptop the numbers

Portable size laptops are not always convenient. Because typically, they keyboard is much smaller than the standard models. In particular, in most portable computers – netbooks and laptops – there is no numpad.
How to turn on the laptop the numbers
You will need
  • a laptop or netbook.
At first glance, it is not so important for second-row keyboard numbers. And they can be used in normal mode. But sometimes this location is inconvenient. Especially if the person on duty has to work a lot with numbers and make various calculations on the calculator. In this case, comes to the aid of the right section of the keyboard NumPad. To find its location on a standard external keyboard is not difficult. On the panel of the laptop is the problem. Although there is a solution in this situation.
For example, you can use a regular keyboard by plugging it to the laptop via a USB port. After connecting the device the computer will automatically install the necessary drivers and you will be able to get to work.
You can also purchase a special panel Num Pad to search which would need to visit computer stores. And then, selecting a suitable model, via the USB port to connect it to the laptop.
But you can do without all these devices and create a numeric keypad Num Pad only with the help of available keys. Try to switch the layout by simultaneously pressing the Fn button (it is located in the lower left corner) and F11 on the top row. However, sometimes F11 may not work, depends on laptop model and its manufacturer. Then you should try to press Fn+NumLk. Once you go into the Num Pad, the screen will appear the relevant icon is a warning about changing the set of numbers.
To check whether special teams transition panel Num Pad with the keyboard. To do this, press one of the keys: "J", "K", "L", U", "I", "O" and several others. If instead of letters you have printed the numbers in order. After all, that's what we wanted. To disable the Num Pad will also need to use the keys Fn+NumLk (or Fn+F11).
If desired, you can create a virtual on-screen keyboard, which can be opened in several ways. At first it is necessary from the start menu, go to "Standard". Then find "accessibility" and select "on-Screen keyboard". The second of the "start menu" go to function "Run" and enter in the osk.
Press "Fn" to Enable/disable the mode for moving the screen. Today this feature is not widely used in the different applications, the inclusion of this mode may be different. The program MSExcel you can see the classic sense of the application of this treatment. Svetlana? I have a laptop HP Pavilion dv6 is not used, look carefully at the keyboard, and try to find this button.
Useful advice
In such circumstances, to use the touchpad, and especially the mouse is not always convenient. Functional Fn button set up for easy access to a variety of useful management functions of a laptop. What can cause shortcut keys with Fn. 1. Press the Fn button Lock if present on the laptop keyboard. 2. Try to download fresh drivers. 3. Look in the BIOS if there's a mode to activate/deactivate the Fn button.
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