You will need
  • - drugs "lamisil", "Orungal", "Terbisil", "Termikon", "the last time", "drug zistan", "Clotrimazole";
  • carrots, 25% vinegar essence;
  • - glycerin, 70% acetic acid.
When you see the skin peeling, irritation in the folds between the toes, peeling of skin, itching and painful swellings of the skin of the foot immediately consult a dermatologist for treatment. In the Arsenal of antifungal therapy is widely used not only "lamisil" and "Orungal", but new drugs, the so-called systemic antifungals - type "Terbisil", "the Termikon", "Lumican", "Benefin" and others. Against athlete's foot recommended antifungal solutions – "the last time", "drug zistan", "Clotrimazole", 9% vinegar, 5% tincture of iodine.
Folk medicine offers a number of highly effective and inexpensive means of combating athlete's foot. This garlic preparations, lemon juice, vinegar 70%, Apple cider vinegar, propolis tincture, juice of milkweed, celandine, etc.
When the first signs of athlete's foot, prepare the following composition. Mix a tablespoon of fresh carrot juice with a 25% vinegar. Rasparte feet in a basin of warm water, a pumice stone, thoroughly removing dead skin cells. Then wipe your feet dry and treat the affected skin with a cotton swab wound on a wooden stick. Procedure perform daily, every day, changing socks (stockings, tights) that are definitely washed, disinfect by 15 min boiling in 2% soap-soda solution. After drying, must be ironed with a hot iron.
Very effectively helps with athlete's foot blend of glycerin with 70% vinegar. For preparation purchase at the pharmacy the bottle of glycerin 25 ml, fill to the top of the dish of vinegar 70%, mix thoroughly. Then do all of the above procedures for the preparation, stop the treatment and, soaking a piece of flannel in the prepared mixture, massage into damaged areas of the skin, grasping and healthy skin. Follow the procedure 3-4 times a week, also disinfecting and socks.