What is fungus of the feet and nails

The fungus of feet and nails is a common skin disease pathogens that are some species of mushrooms. Most often this disease occurs in people whose immunity is reduced for any reason.

Athlete's foot (foot fungus) can be recognized by dryness, flaking and cracking of the skin of the feet. Sometimes it can be itchy skin. Onychomycosis (nail fungus) is often accompanied by athlete's foot. Signs of the following: thickening and crumbling of the nail plate, or, conversely, to thin.

Diagnosis of fungus

To diagnose this disease, you need to conduct a microscopic examination of the skin of feet or pieces of the nail.

How to treat fungus

Treatment is assigned depending on the extent of the lesion plots of the feet and nails. As a rule, apply anti-inflammatory creams and assigned inside antifungal drugs systemic action. If the form of the mycosis is lightweight, can be limited to any one tool. Most long treated the fungus of the nail plate, especially if damaged more than 50% of its surface.

Where do you get fungus of the feet and nails

The most frequent sources of infection – baths, basins, showers in sports clubs, pedicure salons, changing rooms in Shoe shops, people's Slippers or other footwear, other personal hygiene items.

Prevention of fungus

To avoid unpleasant disease, you need to follow some rules:

1) at least once a week is recommended to treat the soles of the feet and nails antifungals.

2) Each day you can treat your feet special powder that will not only protect against fungus, but also to get rid of smell, protection from blisters.

3) Shoes should always be made of natural materials.

4) In public places (hotels, swimming pools, gyms) are not recommended to walk barefoot.