Before pumping the clutch fill fluid supply tank of the hydraulic drive to a normal level, i.e. to the level of 1-1,5 cm from the top edge. Release valve air cylinder clean from dirt and dust. With its head remove the protective cap and put on her rubber hose from kit to the MAZ.
Lower the free end of the wearing of hose in the fluid for a hydraulic drive, which pre-pour in a litre capacity to the middle. Then press the clutch pedal 3-4 times with an interval of 1-2 seconds between presses. When you first press the pedal while holding the recessed pedal, loosen the bleeder valve on ½ or ¾ turn. Upon further pressing the pressure generated in the hose will expel the liquid from the system together with the contained air in the jar with brake fluid through a hose. As soon as air bubbles cease to come out, stop the procedure.
During pumping follow the liquid level in the supply tank and add it if necessary. The fluid level should not decrease by more than 2/3 from the norm. Measure the volume of liquid displaced by a single pressing on the clutch pedal, which should be 7-8 CC After bleeding, fill the fluid to the correct level (1-1. 5 cm from the top edge) and tighten the bleeder valve up to the stop with the recessed clutch. Remove the hose from the head and screw on the protective cap.
At the end of pumping, measure the maximum stroke of pneumatic-hydraulic amplifier, which must be at least 18 mm. Maximum SAG hight of the stem while pressing the clutch pedal should be no more than 1.5 times that of the initial state. Make sure that the tip of the wear sensor of brake linings does not protrude from the housing of the pneumatic cylinder of the amplifier. If necessary drown it in a protective case to touch.