To soften or emphasize?

There are two ways of choosing a name for a child. Find the name that corresponds to the traits peculiar to his zodiac sign, or try to "balance" in the name is due to a constellation of complex traits.

The nature of the Scorpion is contradictory. Women-Scorpions can not be called weak cute creatures that can go with the flow and rely on the will of others. Their character is closer to the male, it lacks softness, calmness, gentleness, and diplomacy. If you think that this is a problem, choose Scorpions "feminine" melodic name that carries the energy of harmony, but at the same time not boring. Examples of such names: Lada, Eva, angelina, Ian, Milan, Kristina, Pauline, Julia, Alena, Alina, rose, gold, Amelia, Agatha, Olesya, Miroslav, Stefania.

If your task is to find the name that best suits the nature of Scorpio, you can opt for a strong sounding name such as Alla, Vlada, Emma, Vlasta, Alevtina, Jeanne, Stella, Inga, Kira, Glad Aksinya.

Don't be afraid to stand out

Scorpios are great unusual, rare names. Not all feel comfortable standing out from the crowd due to the "frilly" name. Scorpio also is a natural leader, who believes proper attention. So if you want to call a strange girl, perhaps a foreign name, can not worry: this will not prevent it in life, definitely not to be confused by it. If you prefer more familiar, but nonetheless beautiful and "colourful" names, consider options: Eugene, Mary, Edna, Barbara, rice, Zoe, Catherine, Vasilisa, Rita.

Great choice

Astrologers agree that one of the most suitable names for girls-Scorpions – Anastasia. This name carries as perseverance and determination, pride and greatness and mercy, love of family and children, femininity, desire for peace, goodness and justice. Nastya always stands out among the girls, she is headstrong but responsible, friendly, but cautious. Adult, Anastasia knows how to choose men who know their value, but it has adequate self-esteem and a sense of humor. This name reflects all the best that is inherent in the girl, born under the constellation of Scorpio. The only downside to the name of Anastasia is its high prevalence among Scorpions whose parents often intuitively feel that it would suit their girl.