You will need
  • -phone book;
  • -phone numbers;
  • computer;
  • -the Internet.
There are situations when the need arises to obtain information (the phone number) about a particular person, knowing only his name and surname. Each pursues different goals. Someone looking for a phone attracted to girls, someone's looking for friends or old friends, and someone disappeared debtors or partners.
If you have friends in common, ask them about a particular person, ask them to give you the phone number. Very often, without much effort you can get a phone number. But if the person you did not know, and is known only by his name, act differently.
Go online and type the name and surname of the interested person in the line search. So many people registered in different social networks and leave almost all the data. If the search you point to one of the social networks or forum, then most likely, you'll find a phone number is required, provided that the person filled out all the information about yourself.
Find online database of rooms by name and surname. Such databases are freely available, there are entire websites that spetsializiruyutsya on it. There can be a certain amount to buy or order the search of information about a person, including search phone number.
Refer to the private detective who will help you to compile a complete dossier on the person you are interested in (phone numbers, address etc). Find a private detective Agency is not difficult, such services are full almost all the newspaper ads or electronic whiteboard.
If the person shirking responsibility, and you need a phone number to call to pay the debt or perform other obligations, contact the police and write a statement about bringing the person to justice and to provide the necessary information, including phone numbers.