Try to find a phone number by name, using the social network. The majority of people in Russia and other European countries are currently registered in social networks "Vkontakte" and representatives of the CIS countries prefer the website "Facebook". Register the appropriate resource and enter the available data about the right person in the appropriate fields of the internal search engine. Usually for a successful search, it is sufficient to specify the name and city of residence. If you managed to find the right person, read personal information on the page: perhaps a phone number. Also try to contact friends you are interested in user or write him a message and ask for the phone number of the person.
Take advantage of special resources to search for personal data of a person to find the room by name. The links you'll find below. These sites will show you which sites people was, and what personal information about him is shared. If someone who interests you, loves Internet communication and has multiple accounts, the chances of it is high enough.
You can also specify the name of the person and any additional data in one of the Internet search engines. Perhaps in the search results you will find links to other resources containing the desired information, e.g., Dating sites, classifieds, portals placed on them summary, scientific works and other documents that people usually leave their contacts, including your phone number.
There are also special reference sites that collected phone numbers of residents of different Russian cities. There is a rather convenient form of phone lookup by name, address and other personal information of the subscriber. Please note that the information on such sites is not always new, and if the person got a room recently, the chances to find the desired information is low. Also avoid suspicious resources, offering to find a room by name for sending SMS messages to a short number. It can be online scammers.