You will need
  • the computer, the Internet.
The first way proven for decades – try to contact the reference service of the city or to the city directory of phone numbers. To simplify the search will help you message the service provider to the home address of the person you want if you are looking for his home room. The disadvantage of this method of search is that the common name would complicate your situation. Also remember that landline phones are losing popularity – it simply can not be.
The second method will help you to find as a number of mobile and landline phone, work or home. With the Internet, type in the search bar of your browser the name, the phrase "telephone number", as well as middle name, city, position, place of work or other important information about the person if you know her. Social network, database, city information portals, blogs, and personal diaries can contain information even about those who are directly it is not being reported.
The third method works by using the rule of six handshakes, according to which every man of the Earth in absentia familiar to any inhabitant five friends in common. So, in theory, asking for help to find the phone number to the right person, you have every chance of success, provided that he can reach out to someone further along the chain.
Another search option – try to get the phone database, you can download it online or to buy. Some owners of the phone bases will be willing to trade you a dozen new phone numbers and brief information about their owners.
The fifth method is time consuming, but may prove to be the most reliable. Contact the place of study for the right person or to the HR Department of the organization where he worked or works. Being able to convincingly justify the reasons why you need the coordinates of the searched, you will be awarded the coveted rooms.