Refer to old notebooks. Check to see if there's roomand you need. Find the old SIM card and check whether you are brought to their memory the necessary phone. If you have the habit of recording roomand on the first available pieces of paper, check old Newspapers, unwanted documents and receipts that you still somehow didn't. Examine the pockets of clothing – not lying around if there's a leaf with a cherished numberohms. Check the files and folders on your computer.
Think of how many of your relatives, friends and acquaintances, whose roomphones and you are aware of, could help you in your search. If it's only your friend remember the circumstances under which you met. Perhaps the staff of the organization or residents of nearby houses will be able to help you. If you know where he works, buy the reference book "Yellow pages" of the desired region (or visit the same Internet site) and contact him via the utility room.
Get telephone directory of subscribers of the city that you need. Find the alphabetical index and find the article on the letter that begins the name of that person. Call all subscribers having the same initials as him.
Buy at the market or ask friends electronic databases phones of the city, where this person is. Enter in the field search his name and check whether it is listed in these lists. In the market you will be able to purchase databases of mobile operators. However, neither the one nor the other to trust especially not worth it.
Go online and visit the sites like and Select a city from the list, enter in the field to search for the name of this person and find a room, provided that it is included in these databases.
We turn to the most popular social networks. At name you can figure out whether he has an account on at least one of them. Find out the number to his phone, turning to the questionnaire or by asking his friends and acquaintances.