When you turn on the phone you should receive a service message containing the settings of the Internet connection. Note the custom profile, since they often come from 3 – profile connection, MMS, Wap and Internet. Find the need and in the context menu click "Save setting".
Apply the default profile in the connection settings of your mobile device, if necessary. If your phone has the ability to use the Internet and through Wap and through Internet, save both settings, leaving one of them as the default connection, or configure your browser to prompt you before performing the connection.
Call the technical support service of your operator and ask the employee to send you a message with the settings of the Internet connection in the case when they don't come automatically when you switch on your mobile phone. You can also do so manually by checking the necessary parameters to connect to the official website of the mobile operator.
Contact the nearest salons of cellular communication "Messenger" or other points of sales of mobile phones and ask the store employees do in your phone setting up the Internet and then save. Please note - this service is provided on a paid basis, so it is best to contact the service centre of your mobile operator if available in your city.
Make sure that the profile of the required Internet connection is missing in your mobile device. Go to connection settings and view all available profiles. It is possible that there is a setting for your Internet service provider. In the future do not remove settings even if you change SIM cards, just change the connection profile by default.